Associate Director - Alumni Engagement

Associate Director – Alumni Engagement

Job Title:

Associate Director


Office of Alumni Engagement

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Reportees to Position:

Sr.Manager, Manager



Job Purpose

To facilitate alumni engagement, encourage stewardship, and to plan and implement programs and initiatives that engage alumni strategically in line with the vision of the School.


Job  Outline


The success of any world class business school depends on several critical factors and one of the strongest amongst these success factors is effective alumni relations. The incumbent will report to the Director –Alumni Engagement and will performs a set of key responsibilities which will enable the institute to engage with its alumni on various levels. The incumbent will  need to understand evolving alumni needs , execute effective programs, and create platforms by which the School can build and maintain strong relations with the alumni (of all degree like programs – PGP, PGPMAX, MFAB, PGPPro, FPM) and all AMPs. The incumbent is required to work with the Director-Alumni Engagement to strategize, create and drive these programs as well as nurture close contact between the alumni and the institute, complementing, supporting and contributing to the mission of the School.


The incumbent is required to encourage stewardship within alumni and work closely with various alumni bodies including the Senate, the chapters and the executive council. S/he is charged to oversee all alumni programs including reunions, events, Special Interest Groups (SIGs) volunteers and a world-wide network of alumni chapters.


Pivotal to the incumbent’s success will be the integration and institutionalization of the function across the School, encouraging internal stakeholders to coordinate with the Office of Alumni Engagement’s efforts to enhance their own activity and the student experience overall.  S/he will also play a key role in formulating comprehensive marketing and communications strategies, including social media efforts to support various School initiatives.

While executing the job, the jobholder is expected to give direction to and manage the Alumni Engagement team. The jobholder is also expected to ensure successful implementation of all related activities and events of the department. The jobholder needs to interact and work with key stakeholders like the Visiting and Resident Faculty and current student body to ensure delivery of high standards interventions resulting into highly engaged alumni with the School.

In order to ensure effective execution of the job, s/he is also required to provide guidance and support to his/ her team on a need basis. With regard to people responsibilities with in Alumni Engagement function s/he is expected to contribute to recruitment & selection process, training process, performance management process, performance review process etc.

Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills including Behavioral skills

Required Experience

PGP/MBA or other advanced degrees


Innovation, Creativity, Strategic thinking and ability to look at the big picture, Excellent communication skills,  interpersonal skills, Influencing skills, Outstanding relationship building  and networking skills, Time management, infectious can –do attitude. Customer focus and an interest in seeing others reach their potential. Extremely detail oriented.


              15+ years


(preferably in customer relationship management/ engagement roles)

Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Admissions(PGP, PGPMAX, PGPPro and MFAB), CAS, SEAL, RCIs
  • Marketing & Communications department
  • Development team
  • Faculty
  • Alumni of School
  • Vendors


Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


To plan ,promote and execute alumni related programs and activities in sync with school vision and for various alumni segments including PGP, PGPMAX, MFAB, FPM, PGPPro and AMPs



To establish and maintain relationships with alumni on an ongoing basis



To drive the department, perform people responsibilities and provide required guidance and support to alumni relations team



To address the needs of the internal customers (all depts., RCIs, current students, Office of AMPs)



To support the Director-AE and plan, manage and executive the department’s strategy



To oversee all the data and processes of the department including supporting the Director- AR in allocating budgets as per the guidelines



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities


Any Other Significant Input

With a growing alumni base (currently 11700+ alums spread across the globe and about 1200+ new alums every year) as well as alumni from different programs (PGP, PGPMAX, MFAB, FPM, PGPPro, AMPs), all key stakeholders of the School, the role is very critical. This person nurtures and grows a relationship for the benefit of the School and hence has to be extremely effective. The incumbent has to be extremely comfortable in large social gatherings.



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