Associate Director - AMP Admissions


Associate Director – Admissions,

Advanced Management Programs

Job Title:

Associate Director




Name of Job Holder:




Reports to position:

Associate Dean-Admissions(AMPs)



Reportees to Position:

Manager, Associate, fixed term employees




Job Purpose


To plan and execute the Marketing, Outreach & Admissions for all the Advanced Management programs (AMPs) with ISB’s. Ensure niche & quality profile of students as per objectives decided by respective RCIs as well as meeting the yield and topline targets w.r.t fees revenues.


Job  Outline

The incumbent is responsible for attracting a superior quality of students into the Advanced Management Programmes  and ensuring the target class size and revenues are met. The Five AMPs are as follows:


  1. AMP in Public Policy (AMPPP)
  2. AMP in Healthcare Management (AMPH)
  3. AMP in Operations and Supply Change (AMPOS)
  4. AMP in Infrastructure Management (AMPI)
  5. AMP in Business Analytics (AMPBA)


Marketing and Outreach: To meet the above objective, the incumbent will have to strategize and develop marketing plans drive marketing activities and admission processes in a cost-effective manner.  S/he will need to capitalize on all opportunities, budget and resources available with the School, its alumni, and students to not only generate leads but also get enough people to apply for the program, accept offers and enroll in the programme.  In doing so, s/he will have to structure effective marketing campaigns and manage the lead conversion process and facilitate the admissions process. This will also include budgeting for Digital and Offline marketing and focusing on Cost Per Lead (CPL) and other conversion metrics.


Channel & Digital Marketing: The incumbent will oversee all the marketing activities and track their effectiveness and undertake necessary course correction as needed. As the budget is limited, it is important to design marketing plans to achieve maximum benefits. Therefore, it is imperative that the person be aware of various push and pull marketing strategies, execute them and ascertain their effectiveness. The incumbent needs to be well versed in digital marketing strategies and be able to leverage various channels for targeted outcomes. Also, the person should be aware of the lead management systems and principles and have an in depth understanding of B2B sales.


Application Screening and Processing: The incumbent needs to oversee the end-to-end application process starting from screening of applications, setting up of interviews, offer release, offer acceptance by students, student on boarding and so on so that the target number of quality applications are met and are submitted on time. S/he also needs to actively monitor, and step-in as required in this process to ensure that applicants get the necessary support. A key parameter of this role will be to meet the yield targets and have the targeted in class enrollments on a per cohort basis.


Stakeholder management: The incumbent must be aware of other competitive offerings in the market, both domestic and foreign, and suggest changes to the strategy as and when required, including changes in the program to maintain ISB’s competitive edge. Based on this analysis, build strategy to work with B2B, Government and internal (RCI’s) and external stakeholders.


S/he will work towards a defined and measurable outcome, further detailed in individual KPIs, formulated year on year, given the business environment.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Post Graduate in Management/MBA or similar

Prospecting, focused selling, Persistence, superior listening and mentoring skills, Digital marketing, Tele Sales Team Management, Relationship Management, budget management, Influencing and Networking skills, Excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills, Business development at

CXO level, Team Management. Exceptional presentation skills


14 years – 16 years

Job Interface/Relationships:




  • Students
  • Dean’s Office, CEE, Development, Program delivery team, Alumni Relations, Marketing and Communication, CAS
  • HR, Finance, Commercials
  • RCIs
  • Admission committees



  • Alumni
  • Industry bodies
  • Community groups
  • Government
  • B2B




Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


To strategize and execute marketing plans for lead generation



To engage in outreach and lead conversion activities (info sessions, one-on-one meetings etc.,)



To ensure target class size including overseeing admissions process activities



Digital marketing and transformation initiatives for the department



Defining and streamlining admissions processes and ensuring complete adherence to guidelines around quality pf candidates.




Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities


Any Other Significant Input


The incumbent should be collaborative in his or her approach and committed towards working with various RCI Heads/ other teams in delivering the expected results. This role requires extensive travel and work on weekends.


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