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Job Title:

Content Writer


Research and Development

Reports to position:

Research Director



Reportees to Position:

None or Associate



Job Purpose


Responsible for content development for research and industry project activities and outreach activities at Institute of Data Science and academic events.


Job Outline

The ISB Institute of Data Science researches in different domains of business analytics and data science; organises conferences and workshops, to designs and delivers the short and long duration programmes for working professionals in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science applications in business.

One of the key activities at the Research Centre involves converting faculty research papers and other academic output into international practitioner journals and popular business media articles that can be disseminated amongst industry and government practitioners. As a content writer here at IIDS, not only will you get to work with esteemed subject matter experts but also with external stakeholders on activities related to the development of relevant materials that support the documentation and dissemination of knowledge-creation at the school.


As part of the job, you would be required to attend academic and research focused events at the school with the purpose of developing full length articles for various practitioner journals. In addition to these, you will also be authoring articles for popular business media outlets, books of conference abstracts, summary proceedings, media/web stories, interview transcripts, audio visual content, etc. working collaboratively with faculty, researchers, and other units within ISB.


In order to perform the above responsibilities, this position requires a strong understanding of academic research, management and business issues and an ability to conduct qualitative and quantitative research, perform analysis. This position requires the ability to collaborate with faculty, other researchers, and editing staff to ensure delivery of materials suitable for peer review, publication, or classroom use.


Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

Masters in English Literature / Media & Communications / Journalism / Mass Communications

Relevant Project Management expertise with report writing and presentation.

Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing in English, including excellent listening skills. Demonstrated ability to synthesize a broad range of ideas into cogent communications. Excellent writing, analysis and presentation skills.

The ability to create written documents with little or no oversight is a must. Since applicant will primarily be working with technical people, an understanding of technology, software and data sciences is a plus. Experience in IT/Computer Science/Data Science/Business Analytics/Management will be positively evaluated.

Internet and email savvy. Must be technology oriented.

People with a proven history of writing in magazines, journals and/or blogs will be valued.



5-8 years.

Preferably someone who has contributed towards publishing articles covering the topics of data sciences/business analytics/data visualization in magazines, blogs and practitioner journals.

Job Interface/Relationships:



§  Research Director

§  Executive Director

§  Faculty

§  Research Analyst


§  Government Agencies

§  Peak State/National Bodies

§  Industry Bodies

§  Academic Institutions

§  Funding Bodies


Sr. No.

Key Result Area

Key Responsibilities




Research/Industry Project Development

·         Discuss with the Research Director/Executive Director/to understand the nature of the research to be carried out

·         Prepare weekly/monthly reports of the project status

·         Connect and coordinate with faculties/mentors project for research projects

·         Coordinate with Research Director drafting of project proposal




·         Develop articles/blogs/ case studies on relevant topics on a 15 days

·         Develop and release Newsletter quarterly



Case and Grant Writing

·         Assist in the writing of cases studies and grants on a regular basis with faculty



Content Development for Website/Events/Capstone Project Brochure

·         Design and Develop write-up for Workshops/conferences/Summits

·         Prepare content for website and other social media handles

·         Prepare content for Capstone Project Brochure


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