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KPIs / Target



Digital Media:

·         Social Media

·         Email Marketing

Within 1 working day (Intra-departmental) / within 1-2 working days (Interdepartmental) to circulate to Alumni community

6-7 posts per week / within one day of request.

Email Marketing:

·         Adding audience (lists)

·         Adding template

·         Sending the campaign through right messaging to different alumni groups

·         Drip campaigns to target audience

·         Maintaining & updating audience list on Mailchimp

Social Media:

·         Posting on different platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

·         Sharing departmental updates (Inter/Intra), school/faculty/alumni and generic content

·         Designing creatives - within 2 days of request (basic designing tool) 


·         Alumni Portal

·         Adobe Experience Management

Uploading content

·         Portal management - updating content

·         Updating content


AlmaMatters- Newsletter

Uploading and designing of content 3 days before the release

·         Co-ordinating with editor

·         Gathering and compiling the required articles from Alumni which has to be published in newsletter

·         Uploading final content in the microsite.

·         Uploading section wise articles in various social media platforms.


Alumni Journeys

Developing story for Alumni shortlisted by the Alumni Engagement Team

·         Researching about the alumni and developing questions

·         Reaching out to the alum for interview date and time

·         Coordinating with the editor for final story and with designer for creative

·         Taking required approvals and publishing on required platforms


PGPpro-Alumni Engagement

For admissions and alumni related events and sessions

Reaching out via Calls / Email:

·         For departmental events/school

·         For admissions roadshows/ application workshop

·         For School level Rankings


Interviews/ Info sessions/ Application Workshop:

·         Creating & generating Google form

·         Circulating E-mail to required alums with registration link

·         Once the registrations are received, connecting the alums to concern department for further process.

·         If registrations are not received, following up with alums on calls



Helping in a smooth execution of our Annual Alumni Reunion

·         Sponsors- relationship management

·         Social Media Marketing

·         Décor




·         Gifts for speakers, alums, events etc.

·         Sourcing out vendors

·         Standee, Banner and Creative – coordinating for template designing



Weekly and monthly reports

Collating and updating weekly updates to be shared with the team

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