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Admissions Process

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Job Purpose


We are looking for an intern to assist in application processing related tasks for our PGP Suite Programmes (includes one-year full-time and Executive MBA equivalent programmes).


You are someone with passion for learning to work with new tools, are process oriented, have strong customer orientation, and competently use these skills to achieve, and often exceed the targets.


You regularly seek inputs, accept constructive feedback and make improvements, relying heavily on learning and adapting the best practices from your line managers and peers.


Job  Outline

·         Responsible for the tasks related to prospective student’s application evaluation, including reviewing the application for accuracy and completeness, calculation of academic scores, interview scheduling, enrolment and background verification, and updating the data related to these activities in the propritery work tools.

·         Adept in learning processes and proprietary data tools for impeccable execution of admissions process related tasks.

·         Responsible for ensuring superior customer experience, while meticulously handling customer enquiries through emails & calls

·         Asist in data analysis and preparation of reports

·         Provide support for Admissions related events, including interviews, infosessions and trade fairs

·         Is able to incorporate feedback from managers, programme leads, peers, competition, and adopt global best practices to add value to the process, business unit and organization

·         Reports daily and weekly work completed and in-queue, lending complete visbility to the reporting manager

Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience

·   Graduate under related or other disciplines

·     Customer Orientation

·     Communication (written and verbal)

·     Excellent Interpersonal skills

·     Ability to manage multiple responses, coordination & attention to details

·     Comfortable in working long hours/weekends as per business need

·   1-3 years of experience, ideally as part of data-driven processes

·   Ability to present data effectitvely to aid actionable insights, would be an edge



Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Outreach Teams
  • Customer Engagament Team
  • Prospective Students
  • Alumni of the School



Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Manual and online verification,  Calculation of Academic scores,  Reviewing and shortlisting updating in portal 



Interview scheduling and Printing of interview schedules, resumes etc,   Updation of Deferred data into the new portal, checklist and maintenance of their records in Portal and SAP



Data Analysis and reports  



Enrolment process and background verification



Managing the Interns and their work allocation


Any Other Significant Input

ISB is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO), and in general our work schedules are structured in order to give every employee a good work-life balance. As per the business needs though each of us are at times expected to stretch our limits and also pitch in on weekends. A compensatory off can be taken though in lieu of working on an off-day or a holiday, as per the extant HR policy of the organization.

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