Manager with Finance (Accounts Payable & Projects)


Job Title:

Manager/Sr. Manager – Accounts Payable & Projects




Name of Job Holder:




Reports to position:

Sr. Manager \ Associate Director



Reportees to Position:

Assistant Managers \ Associates





Job Purpose

To review, verify and approve all vendor invoices including projects, contractual, consultants and other procurements, review vendor accounts, project bill accounting, review of budget and reporting the status, Capitalization of projects, reconcile the vendor payables, account for TDS, GST and other compliance, prepare TDS/GST quarterly and annual returns, vendor balance confirmation statements, review, control and review of vendor masters, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly closing of accounts and provisions, review of exceptions and reporting, review of fixed asset register etc.




Job  Outline

At ISB, Finance plays a key role in controlling and managing the financials of the school. The department also handles all the legal matters as well as all aspects related to statutory compliances.


The jobholder as Manager –  Accounts payments reports to the Sr Manager\Associate Director  Accounts Payable and performs a set of responsibilities – mainly related to day to day processing of vendor invoices, accounting, review and reporting. The job also involves ensuring accurate deduction of tax at sources, compilation of quarterly TDS returns, generation of TDS & GST documents, review of vendor account and reconciliation, release of vendor masters including details of PAN, service tax registration, GST etc., generating vendor balance confirmation and reconciliation and provide necessary information to internal & statutory auditors.


Project bill processing and accounting is an important part of the job, which needs to carefully go through the terms of contract and ensure strict compliance and accurate accounting. He is also responsible to ensure that asset related bills are processed as per requirements, asset records are updated with all required fields, review of asset related transactions and generation of asset cards while processing the bills  The job holder is also responsible to review the internal financial control matrices pertains to accounts payables and report it on a monthly basis and take a correction action.


The job holder is also required to train the reportees on the processing aspects of vendor bills and the statutory deduction and maintain the lead time as per School policies and report the exceptions.







Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience


MIS Generation, Business Planning, Forecasting, Budgeting, Payables and Compliance Analysis, Project financing & budgeting, Interpersonal skills, Attention to detail, Decision making, Problem solving, Coordination skills

10  to 12 years



Job Interface/Relationships:



  • All Departments and Commercials
  • Faculty Members
  • Banks
  • Vendors
  • Statutory/Internal Auditors & Consultants
  • Visiting Faculties




Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


To ensure that the vendor bills (including project bills) are processed and accounted as per the contractual terms and conditions, are accounted properly, asset transactions are processed as per guidelines, vendor accounts are reviewed regularly and reconciled, and proper communication is sent to purchase department and vendors regarding vendor payments.



Ensure proper deduction of tax at source (IT & GST ), generate TDS certificates from the IT site and issue of the same; quarterly TDS returns are generated and returns are file; verify the PAN service tax & vat registration details of vendors etc. Confirmation of balances from vendors, review of vendor masters and advances to suppliers etc.

30 %


Guiding and training of subordinates for proper accounting and processing of vendor bills

20 %


Compliance with statutory and internal audit requirements

10 %


Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities





Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




Vendor & project  bill processing and payment and capitalization

§ Timely and accurate processing and accounting; regular review; compliance with PO terms and School policies.

§ Error Free in terms of maintaining Books of accounts

§ Accuracy in the details provided

§ Meeting timeline

§ Percentage reduction in the payment time cycle  



TDS, GST and statutory deductions, returns, certificates etc. 

§ Ensure compliance to rules

§ To comply with timelines and accuracy



Review, monitor and reconcile vendor accounts, confirmation of balances

§ Timely review and reconciliation

§ Accuracy & timelines



Subordinate development

§ Proper guidelines

§ Performance of subordinates

10 %



§ Response to audit queries

§ Accurate and timely response

10 %


Any Other Significant Input









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