Manager SRITNE


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Name of Job Holder:




Reports to position:

Executive Director, ISB-SRITNE



Reportees to Position:

Research Associates





Job Purpose

To plan and help execute the Centre’s research work and publications with other members of the CBM team. To monetise the various research-related initiatives of ISB-CBM viz. case development, research projects, etc., services being offered by ISB-CBM to corporates.

To liaison between internal and external stakeholders of SRITNE and develop an actionable market plan to achieve the Centre’s research objectives collaboratively.



Job  Outline

-      The job holder is expected to represent ISB-SRITNE to the outside world, especially IT, AI and Digital transformation sectors as a knowledge provider in the field of business-to-business marketing solutions and advisory

-      Develop research agenda for the Centre based on multiple research themes  

-      Planning, guiding and monitoring the activities of the team of researchers

-      Conceiving and taking up research projects in an individual capacity wherever appropriate

-      Helping prepare research papers for high quality academic publications

-      Preparing White Papers and Monographs based on empirical research

-      Coordinating publishing of the Centre’s publications and Newsletters

-      Identifying opportunities for research grants, preparing proposals for research projects

-      Maintenance of grant related document of ISB-SRITNE

-      Establishing and maintaining internal and external relationships and engaging in collaborative work with faculty and scholars within and outside ISB, and other relevant individuals

-      The candidate must have extremely high standards in terms of quality of work, attention to detail, and absolute commitment to task completion



Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience


Postgraduate in Management/MBA or similar


Prospecting, Persistence, superior listening and mentoring skills, Relationship Management, Influencing and Networking skills, Excellent Communication and Interpersonal skills, Team Management


Writing and exceptional presentation skills


Ability to flourish with minimal guidance, be proactive, and handle uncertainty


Proficient in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint


Comfortable using a computer for various tasks

5 years – 8 years

Job Interface/Relationships:




  • Faculty development and Research Office (FDRO), Research team, Alumni Relations, Marketing and Communication, CAS
  • HR, Finance, Commercials
  • RCIs




  • Alumni
  • Industry bodies
  • Community groups
  • Government
  • B2B





Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


Planning, guiding and monitoring the activities of the team of researchers




Conceiving and taking up research projects in an individual capacity wherever appropriate



Write cases, particularly based on primary data for publication and also use in the Centre’s programmes



Write research papers from time to time for publishing in practice-oriented journals



Write blogs/newspaper articles/business journal articles from time to time on relevant aspects of B2B marketing




Any Other Significant Input


The incumbent should be collaborative in his or her approach and committed towards working with various RCI Heads/ other teams in delivering the expected results. This role may require some travelling and work on weekends.


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