Senior Associate - Digital Marketing AMP

Job Title:

Sr. Associate


Digital Marketing

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Reports to position:

Manager, AMP-AFA



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Job Purpose

This person is responsible for developing, implementing and managing online campaigns and strategies to support and promote the AMP programs Marketing/Outreach activities. The person plays a major role in enhancing brand awareness within the digital space as well as driving website traffic and acquiring prospective candidates.


The role comes with the following major responsibilities:


· Plan digital marketing campaigns, report generation and analytics

· Design, build and maintain social media presence across all digital channels

· Measure and report performance of various digital marketing campaigns; and assess effectiveness against goals

· Identify trends, and optimize performance based on insights

· Email automation

· Collaborate with internal teams to achieve objectives


Job  Outline

  1. Highly proficient with G Ads campaign setup Paid Search, GDN, Remarketing.
  2. Strong understanding of remarketing campaigns to re-engage with users using platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  3. Good copywriting skills for creating Ads and headlines
  4. Should have good command on video marketing
  5. Show growth month on month on the key performance indicators.
  6. Sharp data-led approach to optimise and maximise output (scale of conversions) and efficiency in CPL, CTR, CRO, Lead to Conversion.
  7. Build a multi-variant test with clear success/failure metrics to improve funnel effectiveness and also feedback into what consumer journey influencing experiments can be turned into to broaden the funnels.
  8. Should have excellent knowledge on best practices and industry standards
  9. Plan, execute, monitor, optimise the activities and campaigns across all digital channels.
  10. Excellent analytical abilities to measure and optimise campaigns for performance.
  11. Up-to-date knowledge on the latest trends and technologies in digital marketing.
  12. End-to-end campaign execution experience, B2B/B2C product marketing experience ­­preferred.
  13. Knowing HTML, CSS, CRM Integration, would be added advantage.

Job Specification

Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

esirable Experience

Masters degree and/or Degree in Digital Marketing from a top tier institution

Demonstrated ability to drive successful digital campaigns



Minimum 4-7 years of functional experience with premier organizations




Job Interface/Relationships:



-   AFA-AMP Admission Team

-   Alumni Engagement Team

-   Marketing and Communications

-  External relations

-   Corporate Relations

-   Research Centres

-   Certification Programmes team

-   Manager Academics

-   Manager Administration


-   Prospective aspirants

-   Industry leaders and HR heads

-   Alumni

-   Guest speakers

-   Visiting faculty

-   Industry Connects

-   Clients




Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


-Plan, monitor, execute, optimise campaigns on PPC, Social media on a daily basis.


-Create, maintain and optimise PPC campaigns, ad-copies, landing pages, A/B testing, budgeting


-Generate website & app traffic/searches with multi-channel & testing approach.




-Apply customer and channel insights to inform and evolve our customer segmentation strategy for omnichannel growth.


-Setting up attribution models, multi-channel tracking, and quality of leads.




-Email automation, creating emailer/newsletters, verification and cleansing email to reduce bounce rate


-Generating email campaign reports





- Run an effective SEO strategy via technical, site audits, keywords, links.




-Develop a robust performance reporting framework, analytics, and ROI tracking for our mobile app and digital channels to continually optimise and improve our marketing investments.





Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities




Any Other Significant Input


Work on weekends/holidays/travels will be required to meet the targets.


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