Senior Manager IT Infra & Service

Job Title:

Senior Manager – Infrastructure/AV & Services


Information Technology (IT),

Reports to position:

Functional reporting : AD - IT

Administrative reporting : AD - IT



Reportees to Position:

Managers, Associates



Job Purpose

To deploy, maintain and manage leading-edge IT and AV infrastructure solutions aligned with school requirement at Mohali campus and provide world class IT, AV and Event Management service to all stakeholders. Act as custodian of IT at Mohali campus.

Job  Outline


At ISB, Information Technology (IT) plays a key role in providing the requisite IT infrastructure facilities to all the stakeholders, to drive its strategic objectives in its research, teaching, and business functions.


The jobholder as Sr. Manager – IT reports to the Associate Director - IT and performs a set of key responsibilities which leads to very effective and efficient delivery of IT services at Mohali and smooth functioning of the department on a day-to-day basis.   


The job holder needs to enable the optimal usage of the IT and AV infrastructure, including infrastructure applications and ensure improvement in the systems based on the needs of the customer. S/he needs to continuously benchmark with other reputed institutes to implement the best practices and troubleshoot the customer’s issues related to hardware as well as software by liaising with the appropriate vendors. The incumbent needs to actively participate in IT initiatives of the school and execute new initiatives in coordination with the AD - IT & CIO. S/he needs to also contribute towards the annual business planning and budgeting exercise.    


The incumbent needs to review the day-to-day operational and service status with the team members/ service providers and interact with the section heads through a status review meeting to understand on the activities accomplished by them. On a quarterly/ Term-by-Term basis, the incumbent needs to analyze the last quarter/term performance and plan for the coming quarter/term in consultation with the AD – IT & CIO and other members in the department. S/he is required to ensure that all necessary IT/AV support is provided for PGP/ PGPMAX/ EEP/ MFAB/ Other events and work towards increasing customer satisfaction rating. S/he should be a key contributor to the strategic dimensions of IT at ISB viz. leveraging new technologies, optimized balancing between in-house and outsourced services, vendor relations management, evaluating new-age technologies to drive strategic objectives etc. S/he also needs to interact with various departments in the school to understand and meet their IT needs in consultation with the AD – IT & CIO.


In order to ensure effective execution of the job, s/he is also required to identify and depute his team for suitable training programs.





Job Specification


Knowledge / Education

Specific Skills

Desirable Experience


Graduate/ Master degree in Computers or Electronics & Communications Engg                                         

Large IT/AV Infrastructure Solution Design & deployment, IT Service Delivery & Customer Orientation, Network & Information Security, MIS Reporting,

Interpersonal & negotiation skills, Team Management, Influencing skills

10 to 14 years


Job Interface/Relationships:



  • Resident students, resident/ visiting faculty, spouses, program participants.
  • Dept. Heads and Users
  • ISB Procurement team
  • ISB IT Team
  • Vendors, IT Service Providers, OEMs
  • Board members, Guests, Visitors
  • Auditors


Key Responsibilities

% Time Spent


To manage, continuously improve and monitor IT services provided to all stakeholders at ISB Mohali as per agreed SLA.



To contribute to and execute the new initiatives for enhancing the IT and AV infrastructure at Mohali. Scan external world of IT Solutions providers, Higher Education institutions etc. for innovative IT solutions, evaluate their suitability for ISB through proof of concepts/ Pilots etc.



To engage on the infrastructure and resource optimization processes on an ongoing basis



To participate in monitoring the department performance with regard to IT activities, budget and other transactions



To assist AD – IT & CIO in developing necessary policies and procedures related to IT Operations (SOPs), Security and Compliance. Also, liaise with customers to understand their evolving needs and identify ways to improve the services



To coordinate with identified vendors for managing the entire IT procurement lifecycle for all stakeholders including PR, PR/ Contracts, Delivery, Deployment and Payment.



Total Time Spent on All Responsibilities



Key Result Area

Key Performance Indicator




IT/AV Planning

§ Contribute to defining standards and procedures

§ Formulation / updation of IT policies & processes

§ Benchmark for IT infrastructure and process improvement

§ Need-based new Policies / updates framed and their appropriateness

§ Compliance to applicable standards and bringing in process improvements

§ Building association with different national and international institutes



IT/AV Service & Event Management

§ SLA Compliance

§ Timely action on SLA deviation

§ Successful Event Support

§ Increase in customer viz. faculty, students, users satisfaction score

§ Technically glitch free events

§ Periodic Deviations



IT/AV Projects and implementation

§ Project evaluation

§ Need assessment

§ Execution of Projects in time with quality adherence

§ Cost overrun

§ Requirement satisfaction



Infrastructure  Management

§ Infrastructure review

§ Optimum utilization of resources

§ High availability

§ Improvement in service delivery



Procurement & Vendor Management


§ Timely procurement

§ Identification of competent vendors



§ Vendor performance against the set standards/ SLA


Any Other Significant Input


This role requires close and detailed interactions with different stakeholders and calls for technical/ negotiation skills and commitment of enormous time and energy, much beyond regular working hours and invariably during week-ends at least for half of the year.


The role also demands ability to manage conflicts and thereby maintain an amicable environment in the campus round the clock.


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