Aravind Srinivasan

Dr Aravind Srinivasan has been leading the Aravind Eye Hospital Chennai as Chief Medical Officer since September 2017 and serves on the Board of the Govel Trust which runs the Aravind eye hospitals.

On a clinical front, Dr Srinivasan is a high-volume cataract surgeon. In a non-clinical capacity, he is involved in innovations and execution at Arvind Eye Hospital.  He is building Aravind’s new projects and ensuring growth in service care delivery. He works with all the relevant stakeholders in the respective branches to ensure harmony at work. He also mentors staff to invent and implement innovations in areas of need, to deliver patient-centered care.

Dr Srinivasan also guides B School students from the USA and Netherlands through projects at AECS.  As a trainer and mentor, he extends the “ARAVIND Way” model which provides high volume, high quality, affordable cost eye care