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The CEE designs and delivers customised learning solutions to meet the specific learning needs of your organisation. These learning initiatives are conceived to bridge capability gaps within your organisation and are aligned with your strategic business needs. Being highly contextualized in nature, these programmes deliver a customised learning experience that leads to effective skill enhancements.

Customised programmes are uniquely designed, based on the individual and organisational requirements, and delivered through a holistic pedagogy, impacting the strategic business imperatives of the client organisations.

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Mercedez-Benz CEO Leadership Programme

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Benefits of Custom Learning Solutions

Build Teamwork

Through group brainstorming and shared learning experiences.

Development over Time

Custom initiatives extend far beyond a single event, maximizing effectiveness and providing a development experience that keeps pace with the changing needs of your organization.

Custom Tailor Content

The format of the initiative, as well as specific techniques and tools, are selected  to accomplish your specific organization's objectives and the issues you face that are unique.

Organizational Focus

The format of the initiative, as well as specific techniques and tools, are selected based on your organization's objectives and the issues you face.

Collective Learning

A large-scale custom initiative accelerates organizational change by establishing a shared experience.

Diverse Network of Educators

Hundreds of educators from around the world—academics, coaches, facilitators, retired executives, actors and others—provide the right expertise, industry experience, and cultural familiarity for each situation.

What clients say about our custom programmes

Royal Enfield - LEAP Programme

Channel Management & Effective Negotiation Skills - BPCL

Adani - Leadership Readiness Initiative

Royal Enfield - LEAP Senior Leadership Programme

Thermax - Aspire Programme

Adani - TAKSHSHILA Leadership Readiness Initiative

JSW Middle Management Group - Future Fit Leaders Programme

Thermax - Aspire Leadership Programme

United Health Group - Optum Global Solutions - LEAP Programme

JSW Middle Management Group - Future Fit Leaders Programme

United Health Group - Optum Global Solutions - LEAP Programme

United Health Group - Optum Global Solutions - LEAP Programme

Diagnostic Study

  1. Interviews with key stakeholders
  2. Top Management Discussions
  3. Perspectives & Capabilities
  4. Organization Culture & Dynamics

Design & Customization Phase

  1. Broad Program Outline & Emergent Themes Discussions
  2. Sharing findings to Stakeholders
  3. Custom Case & Video Development Discussions & Engagement
  4. Program Design & Methodologies Proposal
  5. Change Behaviours & Expectations Mapping
  6. Aligning Design to other Organizational Drivers
  7. Coaching Requirements
  8. Multi Phase Delivery and Timeline Mapping


  1. Case-Based Learning
  2. MultiMedia & Video Learning
  3. Computer & Offline Simulations
  4. Teaching Tools
  5. Interactive Lectures

Custom Online Programmes for Organizations

Organizations can partner with ISB for completely Online or a Blended learning approach with online and in-person modules.

ISB partners with organizations and Co-branded learning platform and certificates and create customized content that are delivered by ISB faculty live, synchronous instruction virtual classroom typically time are 2-4 hours each day for the groups, with a combination of asynchronous modules for easy reference to pre programme learning needs and post programme reflection, the duration for the engagement varies per organization requirements. 


To tailor-make learning solutions that help drive business performance and growth for your organisation. We design and deliver learning solutions that address specific strategic learning needs of organisations. Whether it is for developing your leadership pipeline, increasing customer focus, creating a high-performing sales force, any other such business imperative, we can co-create an appropriate learning solution that drives organisational performance.

Our Custom Design Process

The ISB has a well-defined process to design and deliver customized programmes;

Establish learning needs: Academic director and faculty are identified for the programme out of the global pool of faculty that ISB has in its network. In depth discussions are carried out to understand the organization, group learning needs and individual requirements.

Evolve learning solution: the curriculum and the modules are designed and the pedagogies are identified. The pre classroom, during classroom and post classroom learning requirements are identified.

To make sure that our clientsget the most benefit of our learning interventions, the team uses a wide range of pedagogical tools

Ensuring learning: Pre Programme learning material is dispatched and the sessions are delivered to ensure maximum learning. Faculty, coaches and speakers interact and facilitate discussions for lively sessions.

To learn more about how we successfully collaborate with organizational partners to create immersive online learning experiences through our digital learning approach

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