Custom Online Programs for Organizations


To tailor-make learning solutions that help drive business performance and growth for your organisation. We design and deliver learning solutions that address specific strategic learning needs of organisations. Whether it is for developing your leadership pipeline, increasing customer focus, creating a high-performing sales force, any other such business imperative, we can co-create an appropriate learning solution that drives organisational performance.

Choose your Custom Engagement - Synchronous Online Delivery or Blended Delivery

Organizations can partner with ISB for completely Online or a Blended learning approach with online and in-person modules.

Customized Online Programmes:

ISB partners with organizations and Co-branded learning platform and certificates and create customized content that are delivered by ISB faculty live, synchronous instruction virtual classroom typically time are 2-4 hours each day for the groups, with a combination of asynchronous modules for easy reference to pre programme learning needs and post programme reflection, the duration for the engagement varies per organization requirements. 

Customized Blended Programmes

For Organizations that are looking to capitalize on the current situation and engage in online intervention, however, have the desire to experience campus learning once the situation normalizes, could choose blended engagement. For such engagements the online aspect would be delivered synchronously online by ISB faculty immediately and the second phase of the engagement for back to school campus experience could be planned later. This approach could allow for participants to take advantage of the time now and reflect on learnings and join the cohort for campus delivery later.

Benefits of custom learning solutions

ISB Online Customized Executive Education is designed to meet your needs with the unparalleled thought leadership of ISB Faculty, our customized executive education courses apply the principles of design to processes, innovation, and leadership.

The custom online engagements are short and engaging and rooted in adult learning theory, the custom-designed, expert-led, interdisciplinary learning opportunities are unparalleled. Bundled with a post-program follow-up, ISB Executive Education ensures program effectiveness through job aids and follow-ups with participants.


Our programs are not pre-developed. We customize programs specific to your organization and your immediate concerns. The customized needs assessment is carried out by interacting with top management, holding in-depth interview with stakeholders and have programme strategy discussions to arrive at the programme design.


The program is designed with the learner at the centre. Our thought leadership engages, simulates, provides perspectives and aims to transform and inspire. The flexible and high degree of engagement along with feedback sought during delivery from the participants are used in revision and follow up engagements.


For customized programs, ISB team and faculty partner with corporate leaders to create customized online program experiences and one-of-a-kind programs that break away from traditional approaches to business problem solving, custom case creation and videos.

Post Program

We Offer; post Program follow-up on Action Plan formulated by the teams with the faculty and agreements on outcomes during delivery. A monthly check in on progress and a report, the final project review and assessments are few mechanisms that ensure each blended learning program combines real-time professor engagement with self-directed study for best-in-class online professional education.

Diagnostic Study

  1. Interviews with key stakeholders
  2. Top Management Discussions
  3. Perspectives & Capabilities
  4. Organization Culture & Dynamics

Design & Customization Phase

  1. Broad Program Outline & Emergent Themes Discussions
  2. Sharing findings to Stakeholders
  3. Custom Case & Video Development Discussions & Engagement
  4. Program Design & Methodologies Proposal
  5. Change Behaviours & Expectations Mapping
  6. Aligning Design to other Organizational Drivers
  7. Coaching Requirements
  8. Multi Phase Delivery and Timeline Mapping


  1. Case-Based Learning
  2. MultiMedia & Video Learning
  3. Computer & Offline Simulations
  4. Teaching Tools
  5. Interactive Lectures

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