About Programme

The most critical leadership capability today is dynamism. To execute a high-pressure role effectively demands a fine balance of hard functional expertise and soft people skills that add extraordinary range to a leader’s decision-making and executional abilities.

The General Management Programme (GMP) has been successfully teaching managers how to become effective leaders for twenty years. High calibre executives will gain deep insights into organisational dynamics, managing disruption, driving culture and critically, the ability for self-reflection.

GMP is an intensive programme designed for executives on the verge of transitioning from functional to general management. Participants will gain critical perspectives on aspects of finance, marketing, operations management, business analytics, decision making and negotiation strategies that let them evolve into a leader with a transformative vision.

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Programme Duration


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Blended learning for a new world

Executive education reimagined for a new reality. This programme blends the best of the world-class on-campus experience with advanced online learning, taught by the best minds in executive education. You will gain skills to advance your leadership goals and map your career for future success.

LIVE Virtual Classrooms

Experience a new way of immersive learning through group discussions, case reviews, peer networking and engaging dialogues.

On-Campus Learning

Learn and network with a class of peers in a 6-day residential phase that culminates into the conclusion of the programme.



Gain an official certificate awarded by the Centre for Executive Education at ISB, recognised by executives and employers for its world-class education.

Research-Based Teaching

Learn at India’s most researchproductive B-School. Gain from the advanced, up-to-date research being conducted by world-class faculty at ISB.

Alumni network

Expand your network with ISB’s 40,000+ high-performing alumni community. Join this group of senior executives and entrepreneurs spread across the entire world.

World-Class Faculty

Learn from world-class faculty who teach at top global B-schools


Learn how to deliver added value to all partners and stakeholders while you juggle the new work-life balance from the safety of your home.

Real-world application

Learn real-world skills that you can immediately apply to initiate transformation at your organisation, giving it a distinct advantage over competitors.

Active Learning

Test your learning with an Action Learning Project that shows you how to apply what you’ve learnt on the programme in real time.

Who Should Attend

This programme is ideal for working managers with an experience profile of five years or more, who are graduates (10+2+3) or postgraduates in any discipline.

  • Participants will be selected on the basis of an assessment of their background, education qualifications and an interview 


  • Participants are expected to be a part of both, online and  on-campus modules 


  • Gain a deeper understanding of your leadership style
  • Master organisational design to drive excellence
  • Update your analytical approaches to strategic marketing
  • Enhance organisational resources and capabilities for competitive advantage
  • Improve your ability to lead negotiations more effectively
  • Achieve alignment between operations strategy and service quality

Programme Details

Participants will attend virtual online sessions on a synchronous mode for 9 months (from July 2021 till March 2022) every week (two sessions of 2 hours each). The programme will spend a significant portion of the 9 months helping executives learn how to develop their leadership style by focusing on their personality and building an emphatic yet empathetic voice as a leader. An Action Learning Project is built into the curriculum and all participants will need to work on the Action Learning Project. The programme includes two 3-day residential phases, one in November 2021 and the other in March 2022.

Programme Structure


  • CEO’s Perspectives on Strategy and Change


  • CEO’s Perspectives on Ethics and Responsible Leadership


  • CEO’s Perspectives on Personal Leadership Development


  • CEO’s Perspectives on Building Culture and ALP Review

Module 1

Strategic Decision Making

  • Assess industry structure and its potential influence on profitability
  • Study your firm’s resources and organisational capacity to generate competitive advantage
  • Develop a business strategy based on understanding of market conditions, your firm’s capabilities and its competitive advantage

Module 2


  • Analyse key marketing ideas and phenomena
  • Learn how to deliver superior value to customers
  • Develop an appreciation for important marketing assets like brands
  • Optimise marketing investments, and the process of resource allocation
  • Acquire basic skills in analytical approaches to strategic marketing issues

Module 3

Business Analytics

  • Building competitive advantage through marketing analytics
  • Marketing analytics: the industry corner
  • Pricing analytics
  • Managing customers using analytics
  • Digital marketing analytics
  • Disrupting industries and new business models using analytics and emerging technologies

Module 4

Value Creation in Finance

  • Understand the concept of value creation from the stock-market perspective
  • Develop your skills in identifying and analysing the metrics for value creation using information presented in financial statements
  • Identify the value drivers and understand the linkages between strategy and value creation

Module 5

Managing Supply Chains in A Digital World

  • Operational excellence and service quality
  • The intrinsic nature of service delivery compared to product 
  • Alignment between operations strategy and service delivery
  • Leveraging value over cost in services • SERVQUAL framework for gaps in service quality

Module 6

Customer Centricity

  • Customer and market orientation; marketing: challenges of change; market leadership: opportunities and alert signals
  •  Connecting with customers; reflections on markets; business-to-business marketing
  • Understanding customer value; customer value propositions in business markets; market driven organisations and customer centricity
  •  Market leadership-price leadership and competition; market analysis for managing markets; price, profits, and customer value
  • Key account management; managing customers for profits and growth; choosing customers and markets; fighting commoditisation and price wars

Module 7

Emerging Technologies

  • AI as a disruptive technology
  • How AI affects competitive advantage
  • Strategies to leverage with AI-fuelled disruption
  • Strategies to accelerate the adoption of AI in organisations
  • The evolution of analytics and Big Data (Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive)
  • Understand the uses and pitfalls of AI and Machine Learning
  •  Discover how analytics creates competitive advantage

Module 8

Negotiation and Influencing

  • Analyse the key issues in negotiation situations
  • Develop a strategic plan for effective negotiation
  • Gain an intellectual understanding of negotiator behaviour and style
  • Gain confidence and improve your abilities as a negotiator 

Module 9

Growth and Innovation

  • Break free of existing myths around performance
  • Internalise what it takes and how to create Leapfrog impact on demand
  • Internalise how ‘insighting’ can become a game-changer
  • Learn how to conduct deep, lens-shifting insight dialogues
  • Convert insights into opportunities and then into actionable propositions
  • Learn how to execute in a manner that’s de-risked and that is overwhelmingly biased towards success

Module 10

Business Story Telling and Executive Presence

  • The art of verbal communication: theoretical foundations
  • Storytelling in business and life
  • Building presence
  • Impact, capture and core values
  • Resilience and resolution
  • Shine online
  • Communication to catalyse personal brand 
  • Individual speech recitations

Module 11

Personal Leadership

  • Understanding yourself and others
  • Working effectively in teams
  • Active listening and empathy
  • Designing your team for excellence
  • Leading change and gaining commitment
  • Delegation and coaching

Module 12

Action Learning Project and Final Presentations

IDENTIFY  - A suitable project with transformative potential

IMPLEMENT -  Devise and deploy the plan of action

DEFINE -  The desired outcome(s) for the organisation

DEMONSTRATE  - Disruptive thinking backed by innovative solutions

SOLVE -  Arrive at solutions that address the challenges