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Asia FT Ranking

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Customised programmes delivered

#45 K+


#60,000 +

Trained Executives

20 %

Top Management

70 %

Senior Management

10 %

Middle Management

Customised Executive Programmes

To tailor-make learning solutions that help drive business performance and growth for your organisation. We design and deliver learning solutions that address specific strategic learning needs of organisations. Whether it is for developing your leadership pipeline, increasing customer focus, creating a high-performing sales force, any other such business imperative, we can co-create an appropriate learning solution that drives organisational performance.

Why customising programmes for Organisations

Working closely with world-class faculty from day one, the Custom team co-design learning solutions to shape impactful strategies into sustainable growth. Aligning aspirations along with outperforming challenges of your organisation becomes a key driving force in the custom journey with ISB.

How Customised Programmes help

We specialise in creating bespoke learning solutions for organisations to help address critical business challenges and to drive change.

What is our unique approach

Drawing on ISB’s leading-edge research and subject matter expertise, we can work with you to:

  1. Design and deliver milestone/transitional leadership programmes to develop your future leaders
  2. Help steer Organisations by creating a league of Business Leaders who can steer through amidst disruptions
  3. Create leadership and cultural change programmes to drive transformation
  4. Build new core competencies (e.g. innovation and major project leadership) to enable you to professionalise and compete
  5. Engage your clients more effectively using education as a relationship asset

Our Offering

We need to highlight how we plan to establish the above points.

Our learning solutions take a variety of formats, including:

  1. Blended learning, using a combination of virtual learning for the Leadership team, culminating to certification on Campus
  2. Action learning and business projects to deliver impact back in your organisation
  3. One-to-one coaching support to visualise change and experience change

Our goal is to ensure that the learning delivers real value back in your organisation, and work with you in partnership at every stage to tailor this learning to your business, culture, strategy and goals.

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Custom Programme Client Testimonial

Mercedez-Benz CEO

Leadership Programme


Faster and more efficiently towards our goals!

“Hemas believes in equipping its people with world-class management techniques. In this context, the programme at ISB was formulated to evolve new strategies for growth. I am confident that this has stimulated the management team to move faster and more efficiently towards our goals.”

Hussein Eusufally

CEO, Hemas Holdings, Sri Lanka

Our Custom Design Process

The ISB has a well-defined process to design and deliver customised programmes;

Establish learning needs: Academic director and faculty are identified for the programme out of the global pool of faculty that ISB has in its network. In-depth discussions are carried out to understand the organisation, group learning needs and individual requirements.

Evolve learning solution: the curriculum and the modules are designed and the pedagogies are identified. The pre classroom, during classroom and post classroom learning requirements are identified.

To make sure that our clients get the most benefit of our learning interventions, the team uses a wide range of pedagogical tools

Ensuring learning: Pre Programme learning material is dispatched and the sessions are delivered to ensure maximum learning. Faculty, coaches and speakers interact and facilitate discussions for lively sessions.

How Custom Learning can Benefit Your Organisation

  • Simplifying complexities through action-based projects
  • Formulating organisational strategy by engaging with the employees on market and industry dynamics
  • Enabling employees in their functional areas with exceptional skills and developing a holistic general management perspective
  • Developing a leadership pipeline for your organisation to support growth
  • Fostering strategic thinking and leadership skills among the top management to drive business growth
  • Driving change: individual and organisational change through transformational leadership
  • Creating customer-focused organisations
  • Imbibing an innovation mindset that opens numerous opportunities
  • Translating sales force performance through strategic management that helps move the levers of growth
  • Reinforce global best practices and insights in creating new product development capabilities

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