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About Programme

This programme has been designed to help business leaders from across industries transform their organisations into AI-driven disruptors. You will learn about the utility of the technology in the face of massive globally interconnected complexity. The programme will show you how to implement AI through your organisation responsibly and effectively to shield your business through unsettling events of even this scale. This programme will explore how these changes are cascading through sales force strategy, sales and channel structure, talent management, motivation, and performance management.  Participants will also understand how long-term planning needs to be replaced with contingency development and flexibility.

Programme Start Date & Duration

December 02, 2020  | 3 weeks

Programme Fee

70,000 + GST @ 18%

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How does this Live Virtual programme help?

Executive education redesigned for a radically different world. This programme blends the discipline the on-campus experience that ISB is renowned for with our global faculty and advanced curriculum. You will gain immediately applicable advanced skills, relevant for the uncertain times we live in. Each session will last for 120 minutes and help deliver 2 modules per week. 

LIVE Virtual Classrooms

Experience a new way of immersive learning through group discussions, case reviews, peer networking and engaging dialogues.


Gain an official certificate of completion, awarded by the Centre for Executive Education at ISB, a prestigious B-School ranked among the best in the world.

Research-Based Teaching

Learn at India’s most researchproductive B-School. Gain from the advanced, up-to-date research being conducted by world-class faculty at ISB.

Alumni network

Expand your network with ISB’s 40,000+ high-performing alumni community. Join this group of senior executives and entrepreneurs spread across the entire world.


Learn how to deliver added value to all partners and stakeholders while you juggle the new work-life balance from the safety of your home.

Real-world application

Learn real-world skills that you can immediately apply to initiate transformation at your organisation, giving it a distinct advantage over competitors.

Who should attend?

C-suite executives, General Managers and other senior leaders responsible for driving innovation-led business transformation. Functional Managers, Business Analysts, and mid-career executives eager to learn about the potential impact of Al on their business will also benefit from this programme


  1. Integrate and align the business for AI driven innovation
  2. Develop an ethical framework that respects user and employee privacy 
  3. Gain insights to transform organisational culture to fast track AI adoption
  4. Enable faster and more efficient business decisions based on outputs of AI 
  5. Understand when and when not to rely on AI

Module 1

  1. Overview on AI from an executive’s perspective 
  2. Why should executives worry about AI now? 
  3. Which kinds of problems can AI solve?

Module 2

  1. AI as a disruptive technology 
  2. How does AI affect competitive advantage? 
  3. Strategies to leverage with AI-fuelled disruption 
  4. Strategies to accelerate the adoption of AI in organisations

Module 3

  1.  AI to enhance customer service 
  2.  AI to gauge customer perceptions
  3.  AI for creating better customer experiences

Module 4

  1.  Understanding the ethical challenges that come up while using AI
  2.  Promote responsible implementation and use of AI

Module 5

  1. Key leadership challenges while enabling the use of AI 
  2. Typical solutions to overcome them

Module 6

  1. Practical insights into the leadership and strategic challenges while adopting AI and how to overcome them 
  2. A 30-minute talk by Anant Maheshwari followed by a panel discussion and a round of QnA