About Programme

A unique program that will help you acquire the skills that are often misconstrued as personality traits. The critical combination of business storytelling and executive presence is a key driver of your ability to inspire confidence, motivate commitment, and enable others’ agency. Decision-makers across a range of organisations and functions will find these skills and practices invaluable to communicating with diverse stakeholders within and beyond their organisations.

Increase your capacity to lead others. Connect your narrative with that of your stakeholders to motivate commitment to shared goals and strategy. Enhance your executive presence with greater awareness, critical reflection, and feedback. Craft empowering narratives in moments of critical change that enable others’ agency. Build an agile leadership presence that lays the foundation for an adaptive and nimble organization.

Programme Start Date & Duration

November 24, 2021 | 5 weeks  (2 sessions per week)

Programme Fee

INR 1,10,000 + GST @ 18%

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What You Will Learn

  • Master the fundamentals of creating a compelling public narrative.
  • Deep dive into the rules and tools that ensure effective delivery of your narrative.
  • Understand the rhythms, styles, and structures that elevate your narrative.
  • Learn how to reframe complex issues simply and concisely.
  • Learn about communication tools and strategies that help you navigate crises and moments of critical change.
  • Discover how to face the media and effectively argue for the values and beliefs underlying your narrative.


Module 1

  • Discover the origins of rhetorical study
  • Understand the concept of “sound bites”
  • Discover specific tools for speech planning

Module 2

  • Understand the concept of elevator pitching 
  • Sharpen your impromptu speaking abilities
  • Learn from a speaker who picks an “impromptu” style to public speaking 
  • Understand the five most commonly asked interview questions

Module 3

  • Understand the concept of Adaptive Leadership
  • Differentiate between technical and adaptive challenges
  • Develop tools for leadership communication in challenging settings

Module 4

  • Interpret tools for style, structure, and finding your voice 
  • Assess the components and structure of a speech

Module 5

  • Understand the concept of framing 
  • Simplify, persuade, and shape understanding of complex issues 

Module 6

  • Assess the tools for sharing values/personal beliefs
  • Learn to differentiate between personal experiences and private information while communicating

Module 7

  • Master the art of communicating a powerful message through media and learn how to anticipate questions
  • Develop effective relationships with journalists while facing a camera
  • Learn the fundamentals of video and visual communication
  • Understand and internalise some key “shines” for online communication

Module 8

  • Summary and wrap-up of the programme learnings
  • Participate in a group-based crisis communication exercise

Learning Experience

Executive education redesigned for a radically different world. This programme blends the discipline of the on-campus experience that ISB is renowned for with our global faculty and advanced curriculum. You will gain immediately applicable advanced skills, relevant for the uncertain times we live in.

LIVE Virtual Classrooms

Experience a new way of immersive learning allowing you to engage live with faculty and peers from anywhere in the world. 


Gain an official certificate awarded by the Centre for Executive Education at ISB, a formal recognition of professional learning and development.

Research-Based Teaching

Learn at India’s most researchproductive B-School. Gain from the advanced, up-to-date research being conducted by world-class faculty at ISB.

Alumni Network

Expand your professional network by joining ISB’s learning community of senior executives and entrepreneurs across the globe.


Learn how to deliver added value to all partners and stakeholders while you juggle the new work-life balance from the safety of your home.

Real-world application

Apply your new learnings and real-world skills in-between modules and emerge as a confident leader.

Who should attend?

The programme has been designed to benefit both novice and experienced speakers across diverse functions and industries. Senior business executives and functional leaders, NGO and nonprofit leaders, and any individual who has the responsibility, through public speaking and presentation, to offer an account of who they are, or their strategies and decisions, or where they hope to lead will find the program invaluable.


Mihir Mankad

A global communication expert and an award-winning Professor of Leadership Communication. He has a uniquely diverse background as a former national TV anchor, Clinton Foundation Deputy Country Director (India), and McKinsey Consultant to bring in an experiential, practical, and engaging approach to the study and practice of verbal communication.

Professor Mankad divides his time between Boston and India, where he teaches popular courses on public speaking, leadership communication, and facing the camera to graduate students at Harvard, Tufts, and ISB. He also teaches a diverse group of executives and leaders in the public and private sectors.

To date, Professor Mankad has instructed over 100 executive and senior official groups, including Indian and Greek diplomats and defence ministry officials, central bank heads from over 20 nations, and top executives and CXOs of large corporates across industries.

He graduated with a BA from Stanford University, an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, and an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School as a Presidential Scholar.