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Technology has been integral to business operations and growth for a long time. It has helped drive efficiency, reduce costs and develop new business models. However, it is not enough to have a tech-enabled business. Merely surviving in today’s landscape demands that leaders embed digital transformation across every aspect of their business.

This intensive programme has been designed to help you rethink leadership in the digital economy. You will take a deep dive into the latest in Strategy and Innovation, Emerging Technologies, Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. You will gain focused digital business strategies to ensure customer service, organisational support and marketing success today.

The programme will equip you with the skills necessary to making informed decisions at the pace of the digital economy. You will learn how to forge strategies and reshape your organisation in ways that transform in ways that transform that transform into competitive advantage, and deliver increased revenue, productivity and business growth.

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How does this Live Virtual programme help?

Executive education redesigned for a radically different world. This programme blends the discipline of the on-campus experience that ISB is renowned for with our global faculty and advanced curriculum. You will gain immediately applicable advanced skills, relevant for the uncertain times we live in.

LIVE Virtual Classrooms

Experience a new way of immersive learning through group discussions, case reviews, peer networking and engaging dialogues.


Gain an official certificate awarded by the Centre for Executive Education at ISB, recognised by executives and employers for its world-class education.

Research-Based Teaching

Learn at India’s most researchproductive B-School. Gain from the advanced, up-to-date research being conducted by world-class faculty at ISB.

Alumni network

Expand your network with ISB’s 40,000+ high-performing alumni community. Join this group of senior executives and entrepreneurs spread across the entire world.


Learn how to deliver added value to all partners and stakeholders while you juggle the new work-life balance from the safety of your home.

Real-world application

Learn real-world skills that you can immediately apply to initiate transformation at your organisation, giving it a distinct advantage over competitors.

Who should attend?

Mid to senior level managers from across industries who strive to be more innovative in implementing new ideas, staying ahead of the competition, and aligning their people, data, and technology are prime candidates for this programme. Participants may be leaders of a functional department, head of a business unit or region, or have general management responsibilities.


  1. Understand the business, economic, and social impact of emerging technologies
  2. Discover how emerging tech like AI, IoT, Robotics, Synthetic Biology, and Blockchain can be deployed most effectively 
  3. Sharpen your knowledge of the strategic drivers of digital transformation, Big Data, analytics, and technology
  4. Implement emerging technologies in disruptive business models
  5. Enhance your leadership skills to create and lead business transformation initiatives

Module 1

  • Trends in digitally enabled innovations; How digitally enabled innovations are disrupting and impacting business across education, medicine, finance and research
  • How intangible assets like IP, brands, human capital and process expertise are far more important in digitally enabled markets than in traditional businesses
  • Business Innovations – how customer value creation and appropriation can be enhanced via digitally enabled market-facing processes
  • How digital is transforming customer journeys and core business processes, business models and value chains of their clients
  • What can legacy businesses learn from digital platform businesses?
  • Competing in digital ecosystems and managing networks
  • Framing digital ecosystems as a combination of production and consumption ecosystems

Module 2

  •  The advancing technology landscape
  •  ET as enabler for business strategy and transformation
  •  How can ET be leveraged to disrupt incumbents?
  •  Why should executives worry about ET now?
  •  What kinds of problems can   ET  solve?
  •  How does ET affect competitive advantage?

Module 3

  • Explore how knowledge of data science can drive business value
  • Analytics as a thinking skill and a mindset
  • Revisiting your business models, strategies and processes
  • Know what kind of data is required for different types of decisions
  • Understand the attributes of Big Data and how it can be harnessed to create value
  • Leverage machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence for decision-making

Module 4

  • Understand how digital technologies like AI are transforming business models in the digital age
  • Understand the business opportunities from collaboration between humans and AI
  • Understand how to design and implement AI-enabled change in your organisation
  • Understand how to change mindsets and culture for enabling digital and AI-enabled change
  • Understand the leadership issues around the future evolution of AI