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Complexity has increased exponentially in the business world. Leadership needs to contend with multiple competing factors to ensure stable growth.An increasingly interdependent global business system and powerful disruptive forces are now an ever-present threat.This programme will help leaders prepare for factors within their realm of control and beyond. You will learn how to lead a 21st century business by predicting, managing and responding to the fast- moving global economic landscape. You will gain proactive leadership skills and agile thinking frameworks to lead decisively in turbulent times.

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Key Learnings

1. Identifying complexities that pose business challenges.

2. Becoming aware of your own cognitive and behavioural traps

3. Adopting mindful leadership practices

4. Recognising the common leadership traps, one may fall into

5. Building the ability to lead in times of complexity and change

Who should attend?

This programme has been designed for seasoned executives and candidates holding significant leadership roles in their organisations. The typical participant has at least 10 years of work experience. They may be General Managers, leaders of functions or business lines, or those directly responsible for profit/loss.

Organisational Benefits

  1. Build invaluable leadership with a predictive approach to leadership 
  2. Gain organisational tools to manage complex business ecosystems
  3. Define a clear organisational road map to groom future leaders 

Individual Benefits

  1. Gain the niche skills to excel within predictive approach to leadership uncertain business systems 
  2. Master the intricacies of threat complex business ecosystems assessment and management 
  3. Develop the mindset needed to map to groom future leaders transform into a leader of change


Sudhanshu Palsule

is an award-winning educator, consultant, leadership coach and author. He is one of the leading thinkers in Transformative Leadership and Leading in Complexity. He is also a leading faculty member at Duke Corporate Education.

Day 1

  1. You will discuss the idea of complexity; its dynamics, and how it demands new leadership capabilities in this century. 
  2. Disruption and dislocation; how is digital redefining the world? You will understand how your business and the digital world must interact with each other.  
  3. You will explore case studies on building the 21st century organisation. 
  4. This is a highly interactive peer- sharing session in which you will deduce what we need to unlearn, through cross- industry and cross-company sharing and presentation

Day 2

  1. This session focuses on the fundamental challenge to leaders: control. You will learn how to let go of it. That’s just step one. You will also learn how to unlearn faster so that you can recalibrate your leadership approach to fit the needs of the 21st century. 
  2. Challenges to leadership: the five traps (hierarchy, power, cognition, systems and data). You will explore how these traps are posing a threat to leadership. 
  3. The focus of this session is learning to be a 21st century leader. You will delve into four characteristics: reactive, logical, mindful, and mastery. 
  4. Making the leadership shift.

Day 3

  1. Systemic Thinking. This thinking approach helps you effectively zoom out, see things objectively at a macro level, and make informed decisions. Additionally, this session will help you embrace the merits of working with Millennials and bring them into the inner folds of your business thinking. 
  2. Building 21st century teams. Collaboratively reimagine and implement 21st century teams, processes, and systems. 
  3. While the previous session focuses of the 21st century team, this one will involve group work on actively building your 21st century organisation. 
  4. Finally, the programme culminates in the development of your Action Plan.