About Programme

Digital has completely upended the world of marketing. Separating the hype from the opportunity is a key problem facing senior marketing leaders.This programme will show you how to stay ahead of the curve with digital. Most importantly, the programme will teach you how to preserve and grow your most important asset – your customers.

Date & Venue

November  24, 2021  |   ISB, Hyderabad Campus

* The programme dates mentioned are subjective to change in line with the evolving pandemic situation.

Programme Fee

INR 1,75,000 + 18% GST

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Key Learnings

1. You will learn to test, analyse and measure, the success of your marketing efforts across channels

2. You will also understand how to deploy AI and ML for better business outcomes

3. You will learn how to grow your customers

Who should attend?

Professionals responsible for executing digital marketing strategies and formulating new digital initiatives for their organisations

Organisational Benefits

  1. Enhance customer engagement and improve customer experience
  2. Become competitive, smart and agile by staying adaptive to digital technologies
  3. Arm your organisation with the tools to successfully drives digital strategies
  4. Become competitive, smart and agile by staying adaptive to digital technologies
  5. Market your products and services cost effectively with smart digital marketing tactics
  6. Connect effectively with your customers online and across social media

Individual Benefits

  1. Equip yourself with a diverse skill set improve customer experience and a sophisticated understanding of new media
  2. Equip yourself with the ability to strategies identify new opportunities in the digital arena
  3. Learn critical and creative thinking technologies skills to drive measurable business

Day 1

  1. Changes in the consumer-decision journey in the digital age and its implications on the classic 4 Ps of marketing 
  2. Improving value creation and capture by proactively shaping consumer journeys 
  3. 4 Ps 2.0 - A new strategic marketing framework for the digital age 
  4. Analyse your company’s consumer decision journey, how it has changed, and what opportunities and challenges it provides Advertising Promotions in the Digital Age 
  5. Generic vs. branded search and complementarities between search and display advertising 
  6. A/B testing: The ‘only’ way to know the real ROI of advertising 
  7. Evolving a balanced digital communication strategy 
  8. Content creation of various types and for different phases of the customer journey 
  9. Lead generation by harnessing owned digital media

Day 2

  1. Social media listening 
  2. Content creation of various types and for different phases of the customer journey 
  3. Content dissemination using social media 
  4. Ingredients of a successful referral marketing programme 
  5. Understanding Viral and Influencer Marketing 
  6. Using social network theory to understand and target influencers 
  7. Predicting who is going to respond to a promotion
  8. Using big data, AI and ML to develop predictive strategies for consumer engagement

Day 3

  1. Freemium pricing
  2. Digital tools for measurement and prediction 
  3. Digital attribution, budgeting and optimisation 
  4. Using the latest tools for measurement and analysis, key KPIs