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Directors of family-controlled businesses have to address unique challenges. They need to understand the overlapping features of family and business to perform their responsibilities. This programme will enable participants to be effective board members.

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Key Learnings

  1. Appreciation of the challenges of governing a family business
  2. Developing capabilities to become effective beyond the fiduciary responsibilities
  3. How to contribute to the building of a sustainable business
  4. An understanding of the role of the board of directors to be an effective director

Who should attend?

  1. Current and prospective directors of family businesses; family as well as independent
  2. Family business consultants and advisors

Programme Outline

The program will equip the directors of family businesses to carry out their responsibilities towards the growth and perpetuity of the business. The following topics will be covered:

  1. The uniqueness of Family Businesses and their implications for the board 
  2. Governance- family as well as business and their interaction • Professionalization challenges of board 
  3. Succession and leadership transition – board as a facilitator 
  4. Roles and responsibilities of the board 
  5. Complying with statutory rules and regulations and ensuring managerial accountability to shareholders


Kavil Ramachandran

Professor Kavil Ramachandran (Ram) is one of the foremost authorities on family business, with over three decades of teaching, research, and consulting experience. His expertise lies in managing the challenges at the interface of governance, professionalisation, and strategy, particularly in rapidly-growing mid-size multi-generational family businesses. Professor Ram is a sought after consultant on the transformation of the family business.

He has prepared several case studies, interacted with various well-known family business leaders and global experts, and has consulted on the transformation of family businesses. He is a frequent speaker to communities of family businesses in India and abroad and writes for popular media regularly.

He is the Executive Director of the Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family Enterprise at the Indian School of Business. His latest book, “The Ten Commandments for Family Business”, is extensively used by family business practitioners in India and outside.