About Programme

This programme provides marketing professionals with a broad understanding of the challenges of this highly competitive market and sees these challenges through a customer-value lens.

The aim of this programme is to enable you to use marketing strategies and frameworks as a conduit for building relationships with customers: long-term profitable relationships. Through the course of this programme, you will explore various marketing strategies: from traditional marketing topics like consumer segmentation and product pricing to more contemporary focuses in the field of marketing: like managing customer experiences and new product innovation.

Date & Venue

September 23-26, 2020  |   ISB, Hyderabad Campus

Programme Fee

INR 1,75,000 +18% GST

Key Learnings

  1. Customer-facing marketing processes for value creation
  2. Designing and managing customer experiences 
  3. Challenges and implications of ‘connected customers’ 
  4. Making customer-centricity profitable 
  5. Customer and brand equity 
  6. Developing sustainable competitive advantages in business 
  7. Managing the marketing mix in a competitive environment 
  8. Impact of marketing on profitability, growth, and risk 
  9. Changing roles and responsibilities of CMOs  
  10. Reflecting on the past shaping the future

Who should attend?

This programme is ideal for product managers and executives directly involved with marketing and planning to support/ grow their business function. Managers from non-marketing functions such as engineering, operations, sales, finance, R&D etc., involved with new product development or identifying newer channels for promotions will benefit from understanding the nuances of effective marketing strategies. We encourage companies to attend this programme as teams.

Organisational Benefits

  1. Reimagine the marketing function as a centre of value creation
  2. Create experiences with customer-centricity baked into every step
  3. Create brand equity by winning over your customers’ hearts
  4. Recreate the marketing mix to serve a new customer world

Individual Benefits

  1. Become a domain expert of the opaque marketing universe
  2. Learn to show the value of the marketing instead of talking about it
  3. Train yourself to look out for and stay a step ahead of fickle trends
  4. Keep evolving as markets adapt to the needs of customers



Nirmal Gupta

is a Marketing Educator. He is currently the Visiting Professor at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad and other top business schools globally.


Rajendra Srivastava

is Dean and Novartis Professor of Marketing Strategy and Innovation at ISB. He brings to the table 30 years of experience as academic administration. A highly cited scholar, he has published many research papers in top line journals.

Day 1

  1. Understanding customer value
  2. Understanding marketing strategy elements

Day 2


  1. Changing roles and responsibilities of CMOs
  2. Customer centricity and product management



Day 3

  1. Brand strategy, alignment and profitability 
  2. Marketing strategy and shareholder value

Day 4

  1. Business model innovation
  2. Marketing growth in emerging markets 
  3. Innovation and value creation

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the duration of the programme?

Each programme varies, please find the information in the ‘download brochure’ section.


Once I have submitted the application, when will I hear from you?

We’ll acknowledge receipt of your application by email within 24 hours, providing it’s received during normal working hours (Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 05:00 IST).


Is financial aid available?

No, there is no financial aid available for this programme.


How do we cancel after applying?

Cancellation notification must be made in writing to Marketing Services.


Will I need a car?

No, if you are in residence, you will not need a car.