Marketing has become more complex than ever. Sweeping advances in technology have revolutionised and fragmented the discipline, while societal issues such as the global pandemic and the climate crisis have raised expectations for marketers’ social performance. This combination of diverse forces has transformed how the marketing function must work. Many a time, organisational efforts to transform marketing organisations are complicated due to a lack of a structured methodology.

Marketing leaders struggle with transformation efforts for three key reasons.

  1. The belief that transformation entails retooling technology or reshaping structures. However, it is more about rethinking how a changing environment can enable new value creation.
  2. Commonly framing transformation projects as a transition from one state to another – from brand to performance marketing or, simply, old to new. This can be inhibiting at various levels taking away focus from the key stakeholders – the customers.
  3. Modernisation efforts tend to be dispersed across teams or functional areas without a holistic operating framework. Without a clear, value-based goal for marketing and a strategy for determining the capabilities needed, transformation is unlikely to deliver substantial performance improvements.

The Modern Marketing Organisation is a programme that offers allows leaders to develop a framework, defining both - the goal and the strategy. It divides six kinds of value created into two categories: value for customers and value for the company. Understanding this taxonomy is the first step in articulating your marketing value proposition and the starting point for aligning marketing’s activities with the company’s growth strategy.

With this programme, transform how the marketing function must work. Enable marketing teams to be more agile, interdependent, and accountable for driving organisational growth. Capitalise on new growth opportunities. Understand value creation and articulate your marketing value proposition. Align marketing activities with your organisation’s growth strategy. Create value for your customers and for the company. 

Programme Start Date & Duration

March 23, 2022 

Programme Fee

INR 1,10,000 + GST @ 18%

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What You Will Learn

  • Explore steps for successful product development, structured go-to-market strategies, and value pricing
  • Providing marketing and customer insights across functional silos such as HR, Finance, Sales, R&D, service, and organisations
  • Strategies for new product introductions in pioneering markets, and strategies for entering markets as a latecomer 
  • Volume growth and profit growth strategies for established and mature markets 
  • Strategies for market defense
  • Best practices in integrating marketing execution across a multi-dimensional plan

Module 1

  • Understanding the challenges faced by the marketing
  • Explore opportunities provided by marketplace changes 
  • Identify foundational and new benefit expectations of customers 
  • Overview of new value stacks for customers to deliver new benefits expected by customers 

Module 2

  • Creating exchange value and relevant capabilities 
  • Designing experience value stack and necessary capabilities 
  • Offering engagement value stack and required capabilities
  • Determining your customer value-stack configuration 

Module 3

  • Overview of new firm directed value-stack options 
  • Creating strategic value • Aligning for operational value 
  • Generating knowledge value 
  • Determining your firm value-stack configuration

Learning Experience

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Real-world application

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Who should attend?

This programme is best suited for:

  • CMOs and VPs of marketing from large and medium-sized firms
  • New CMOs and CMOs facing pressure from the digital transformation of their business
  • Sales, product, marketing directors/ managers from medium to large firms Presidents and vice-presidents of smaller marketing firms
  • Business strategy managers who help craft market-oriented strategies
  • Managers who want to build or improve their skills related to developing new brands, managing, and growing existing brands, and/ or revitalising fading brands
  • Marketing and sales managers who want to sharpen their brand management skills
  • Senior executives from business, product, finance, operations, HR, technology teams who recognise the importance of branding for the company, and play a role in deciding GTM and budgets and want to be better grounded in the concepts and tools of brand management 


Sundar Bharadwaj

Professor Sundar is the Coca-Cola Company Chair of Marketing at the University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business and a founder of MarCaps, a marketing capability solutions provider. He is also a Senior Research Fellow at Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), Marketing, at the Indian School of Business. 

Programme FAQs

How is this programme relevant in this rapidly changing environment?

As the environment has become more digital, customer journeys have begun to traverse both digital and traditional environments seamlessly. This poses enormous challenges for firms as they have to address traditional as well as digital go-to-market strategies each with its set of requirements. This programme identifies those challenges and introduces alternative approaches to create value for customers and the firm.