In response to Covid-19, we’re restraining from delivering the open programmes on campus.

About Programme

This 4-day programme introduces executives to current tools in strategic analysis, market analysis, profit drivers and functional strategies. Interactive discussions on real-world business challenges that they have faced will help the group learn from collective experience, gather insights and predict future trends that can impact them. Designed to help companies enhance their strategic depth, this programme prepares you to lead a smarter, more agile and innovative organisation that can adapt to new realities and thrive in a highly competitive business landscape. With the right-thinking frameworks and tools to leverage your organisation’s competitive advantage, you will be able to craft and execute multi-disciplinary strategies that help deliver incremental value to the business.

Date & Venue

TBD  |   ISB, Hyderabad Campus

Programme Fee

INR 2,30,000 plus 18% GST

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Key Learnings

1.Identify your organisation’s competitive advantage and define its positioning

2. Strategic positioning in the face of uncertainty, global competition and new-age businesses

3. Learn about the key role of vision and leadership in strategy formulation and execution

4. Drive innovation as a key lever for strategic growth and disruption

5. Understand how technology is playing a key role in disrupting traditional models

6. Learn how strategic alliances and acquisitions can become growth drivers for your business

7. Develop capabilities to compete in international markets

Who should attend?

Senior Managers, AVP, VPs, General Managers, Project Managers and Consultants responsible for executing functional strategy.

Organisational Benefits

  1. Nurture leaders who will enable your business to thrive in a fast-changing business landscape
  2. Involve leadership in devising new models of inorganic growth
  3. Develop internal capabilities to compete in global markets
  4. Debunk siloed thinking and develop an integrated approach to strategy

Individual Benefits

  1. Learn how to apply critical thinking to business ideas and action plans
  2. Understand the importance of positioning to create disruptive growth models
  3. Learn to create strategies for conducting business across geographies
  4. Learn to create, capture and delivery value consistently


U Srinivasa Rangan

Dr Rangan holds the Luksic Chair Professorship in Strategy and Global Studies. His core areas of teaching and research consulting include strategy, globalisation, alliances and entrepreneurship. His qualifications include a DBA, Harvard University, Graduate School of Business Administration; MBA, IMD International Management Institute; MS, The London School of Economics and Political Science. He has held research and faculty positions at IMD, Harvard Business School (HBS) and Tulane University, where he received the Howard Wissner Award for Outstanding teaching. He has also received various other awards for teaching excellence and scholarly. His current research deals with globalisation of emerging market firms, evolution of industries and firm-level strategies and entrepreneurial ecosystems of countries. Dr Rangan has been a consultant and designer-cum- deliverer of top notch executive programmes for reputed firms. He has taught in sought-after programmes worldwide and co-authored several books. His first book - Strategic Alliances: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Globalisation - has been ranked among the top 30 business books (1995) in U.S and Europe.

Day 1

  1. Inside out, outside in perspectives

Day 2

  1. Technology disruption and strategic choices 
  2. Innovation and Blue Ocean strategies

Day 3

  1. Growth through acquisitions
  2. Strategic diversification 
  3. Globalisation challenges

Day 4

  1. Strategy and execution
  2. Global strategy: an integrated perspective 
  3. Strategy and execution