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About Programme

This programme’s action learning and experiential approach simulates real- world negotiation scenarios to help you explore your skills and shortcomings as a negotiator. You will supplement your experiential learning with principles presented in class, peer reviews, and research on successful negotiating methods, allowing you to subsequently apply your accumulated knowledge towards organisational success. With practice, you will master negotiation techniques that produce maximum value.

Date & Venue

TBD   |   ISB, Hyderabad Campus

Programme Fee

INR 1,15,000 + 18% GST

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Key Learnings

1. Enhance your understanding of the negotiation process and context

2. Recognise and manage deadlocks

3. Strategically evaluate your performance and apply a framework to overcome weaknesses

4. Develop your persuasion and influencing skills by understanding the mindset and psychology of your opponent

5. Understand the importance of trust and building relationships to achieve fair outcomes

6. Improve your ability to leverage your own bargaining position when negotiating with multiple parties

Who should attend?

This programme is best suited for senior managers who want to enhance their negotiation skills. It’s recommended most specifically for Group Managers, Business Managers, and Functional Managers.

Organisational Benefits

  1. Build a team of skilled negotiators who create win-win situations for your organisation
  2. Impact your organisation’s bottom line through good negotiating skills
  3. Enabling a no-conflict negotiation with confidence fosters better relations amongst employees, key stakeholders and garners respect for your organisation

Individual Benefits

  1. Evolve into the negotiation expert that will help you enable effective closures, build better relationships and deliver quality solutions
  2. Learn how to avoid conflicts and negotiate with confidence in a manner that benefits the organisation


Dr Michael Benoliel

is Visiting Professor at SMU & the Indian School of Business.
Dr Benoliel holds a Ph.D from The George Washington University. He is the editor of Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making (2011 & 2015 editions) and has authored several best-selling books on negotiation, and written several articles and teaching simulations. Trained in Negotiation and Leadership and in the Participant Centered Model at the Harvard Business School, Dr Benoliel is the recipient of many prestigious awards which include Most Outstanding Faculty Member Award, Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Class of 2015; the Mind Opener Award, MBA Class of 2015; the Outstanding Faculty Member Award, EMBA Class of 2013; the 2010 Innovative Teacher Award, Singapore Management University.

Dr Benoliel provided negotiation services to diverse multinational companies like Hewlett-Packard, Mitsubishi, Fuji Xerox, British Petroleum, to name a few. Also, he has delivered keynote presentations at DocuWorld, 2014 (Singapore) and The European Corporate Counsel Summit, 2008 (Geneva) 

Day 1

  1. You will understand and assess the negotiation process, and the context of different negotiation situations.
  2. The aim of a negotiation is to create an integrative win-win situation. 
  3. You will also be introduced to the concept of distributive bargaining, to approach negotiation as a process to find an equitable solution.

Day 2

  1. This programme will help you enhance your negotiation skills by exploring multiple deadlock scenarios that you could hit, decision making biases that you might have, and introducing you to frameworks that can help you overcome your limitations.

Day 3

  1. To come to fair solutions it’s important that you’re seen as someone who understands multiple parties’ goals and interests.
  2. Understanding the psychology of your opponent. 
  3. This programme’s negotiation simulation will help you analyse your scope of influence on your opponents and how you can get to improve your skill.