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Disrupt your own leadership style to lead in the age of disruption. Industry paradigms now shift with increasing frequency.

Rising to this challenge is essential for top leaders. The need of the hour is to identify and unleash your transformational potential.

This programme will teach you to excel in this new scenario.Drawing on the extensive experience of the instructor, it will show you how to know yourself, your strengths, and how others perceive you.

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Key Learnings

  1. It will teach you to excel in this new leadership scenario
  2. Drawing on the extensive experience of the instructor, it will show you how to know yourself, your strengths, and how others perceive you
  3. A beingful leader, according to the professor, is one who has attained mastery in aligning their core being with their work

Who should attend?

This programme is for Managing Directors and CEOs of private and large enterprises, Presidents, heads in charge of business divisions, entrepreneurs (owners of medium-sized organisations), incumbents and the next generation of leaders in family-owned businesses.

Organisational Benefits

  1. Transform your ability to innovate and grow with strategic agility
  2. Understand how to get key stakeholders to buy into your vision
  3. Pre-empt industry disruption by leading with new technologies
  4. Build organisational capabilities to focus on meaningful action

Individual Benefits

  1. Develop your own leadership style
  2. Align your work to your being
  3. Learn about yourself
  4. Inspire others through your leadership


Ram Nidumolu

PhD in Management, Anderson Business School, UCLA; PGDM, IIM, Calcutta; BE (ECE) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Professor Nidumolu is a clinical professor of organisational behaviour at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

His work has appeared in prestigious publications like Harvard Business Review, the Stanford Social Innovation Review and many more. He brings more than 25 years of experience in leadership, strategy and innovation consulting and research with global enterprises.

Day 1

  1. Understand your higher purpose for becoming a great leader 
  2. Learn about the fundamentals of beingful Leadership  
  3. Understand how great leaders bring their whole being to their work
  4. Understand the REAL process for improving performance at all levels

Day 2

  1. Understand the components of your whole being that make you unique
  2. Understand the gaps in your ideal, and actual work and what you can do about it  
  3. Learn how to approach your work in terms of job, duty, passion and calling
  4. Learn how to craft your work to align with your being for healthier work-life

Day 3

  1. Learn about the various components of being capital that is key to your success 
  2. Know the difference between pursuing happiness and pursuing meaning at work 
  3. Learn how pursuing meaning leads to joy and sustained well-being at work 
  4. Learn how to develop a personal business model

Day 4

  1. Learn how beingful leadership can transform your community and society 
  2. Understand how AI is transforming work and the ethics surrounding it 
  3. Learn how to lead in a world driven by AI and other disruptive digital technologies 
  4. Understand how to follow up on the learnings and transform your work life