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About Us

The Friends of Indian School of Business Foundation (FISBF) is a California non-profit public benefit corporation. It is a public charity organization and operates for non-profit purposes mainly with the broad public support to further higher education.

FISBF is a registered non-profit charity organization under 501(c)(3).


Higher Education is the greatest equalizer. Contribution to the Higher Education often has the multiplier effect and leads to prosperity of communities and nations. Quality higher education requires large resources to be able to create the impact and become the vehicle of change and development.

Historically, Higher Education has been supported through philanthropic contributions. Even today, most of the top ranked institutions across the world receive large funding and donations from Corporates, Governments, foundations, Alumni, and communities.

FISBF is committed to create a difference with meaningful contribution to higher education. The philanthropic donations we receive are deployed in a manner to have large impact especially through support to research, quality education, and providing opportunities to underprivileged and underserved.

The foundation since inception has supported top quality research and learning. We will continue to focus in this area. 



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Dummy FISBF Website: For Board's Review and Approval