It is expected to be a changed world after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, however these are still uncertain times for everyone. Challenging times like these allow for business leaders to rise to the occasion.

Leaders will need to redefine the vision during and after crisis, manage their teams and their work-life adjustments, ensure productivity, learning and collaboration, communicate with stakeholders effectively, or take difficult decisions if required.


Being Leadership During the COVID Crisis

Gender Equality Survey

The economic downturn caused by the current COVID-19 outbreak has substantial implications for gender equality, both during the downturn and the subsequent recovery. With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), working population, men and women, across diverse sectors and organizational types have been asked to self-quarantine and/ or work from home.

In this context, it is valuable, necessary even, to understand the impact of the lock down on gender equality. 

The survey comprises of respondents across Delhi, Lucknow, Bhubaneshwar, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Coimbatore. 



  • Fig. 1 & 2 describes the distribution of respondents by gender and cities
  • The word cloud in Fig. 3 displays the top educational qualification of the respondents with nearly 53% of respondents having a Bachelors degree
  • Fig. 4 shows that men relatively have had prior work from home experience than women
  • Productivity owing to remote work have remained the same between men and women as shown in Fig. 5 
  • Fig. 6 shows the responses on how frequently partners have differing views on share of household tasks. Partners having differing views often and everyday are individuals with Master’s educational qualification and relatively higher percentage of women than men


A score of 0 means to strongly disagree and 1 means to strongly agree.

Both men and women have high agree scores in their relationships and work life balance.