Executive Director, International Monetary Fund
Former Chief Economic Adviser, Govt of India
Professor of Finance, ISB (on leave)


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110) West cares only about itself: We don’t have to pay any attention to what the West is saying about us

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27) Improving Haryana’s land acquisition model

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26) Even the Haryana land model is flawed

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 25) Give us a bloat-II

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24) Give us a bloat-I

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23) High-five the future-II

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22) High-five the future-I

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21) Curbing Corruption

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20) How do Central Banks communicate-II

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19) How do Central Banks communicate-I

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18) What Apple says about innovation

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17) When an FI is too big to fail

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16) Competition leads to better education

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12) Judging the odds correctly

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11) The idiot box can emancipate

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10) The human dimension of regulation

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9) You are 100% wrong on 80% cut-off, minister

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5) Can we sue, please?

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4) Will IFRS stop cooking of books?

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3) Making AI fly: get the price right

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2) Here’s a plan for Air India that works

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1) Air India can take lessons from the Alitalia fiasco

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