Research Associate - IDP@ISB

Creating Insights from Data: IDP@ISB calls for applications

Key Responsibility Areas for Data support, Visuals and Content:

India Data Portal at the Indian School of Business is looking for motivated individuals to constitute a four-member team to create insights based on data visualisations. The insights will be primarily driven by the demand from media houses and part of the current news cycle at any given time. The individuals in this team should be dynamic, energetic, and team players. They will be collectively responsible for developing and producing high-quality content for media houses with a daily frequency. Successful candidates should be able to search for data within our repository and on the web, identify the subset needed for the specific news story, present the data in a desirable tabular format, build interesting visualisations, and create simple data descriptions. The requests will come through the newsrooms, and the team should be able to deliver quickly for a story.

What kind of skills are needed? :

  • Identify the data needs of a particular news story
  •  Search data sources on IDP or public sources on the web
  • Transform the data into a structured format amenable to visualisations
  • Create static or animated graphics to depict an insight
  • Write crisp and concise text to contextualise the visualisations'
  • Work in a team to support content required for newsrooms

Not every individual needs to be able to do everything, and we expect complementarities across the members of the team. 

Location: Indian School of Business, Mohali

Type of Contract: Fixed Term of one year and renewable based on performance.

Interested? Please apply at the link below. Be prepared with your latest CV and a cover letter describing your relevant skills for these positions and the fit with your experience and interests. Salary will be commensurate with the ability to contribute to the team.

Link :