Under the Doubling Farmers' Incomes Project

> The data presents price fluctuations for apples from Himachal Pradesh in the FY 2018. Apple other than being a cash crop, is also important cultivable crop of the region. As many farmers in the area are engaged in cultivation of apple. This data from www.agrmarknet.gov.in represents how the wholesale prices of apple has changed over the time in FY 2018.

-> The data presented is from www.agmarknet.gov.in, for Jharkhand State and commodity tomato. According to the data, the prices of tomato rose maximum in August and especially in the markets of Khunti and Gumla. As per the data the maximum modal price was approximately 15,000 rupees per quintal, which in general trends used to be 3,000-4,000 rupees per quintal.

> The data of agricultural markets was collected from the financial year 2013 to FY 2018. According to this data, all the markets which have reported even once in the tiome frame have been considered function. As a result of this, the gap between the blue bars and the bold black line shows the number of registered markets that don’t report data. With Bihar being one of the states which have highest number of non-reporting markets.

-> The black dots indicate the location of various fruits and vegetable markets in India while various shades of blue indicate irrigated land as per the label. One can easily observe areas with high market activity also having large areas of irrigated land.

-> The brown dots indicate the location of various fruits and vegetable markets in India. One can easily observe epicentres of high market activity. 

> Image shows price variation in paddy in Punjab for 2018.

-> Map showing the contribution of various states towards production of oranges.

> Image shows the commodities traded in a high income market - The Ravulapelem Market, which majorly trades in bananas. 

> Graph showing fluctuations in the price of Onion in a month (Nov,2017), in Andhra Pradesh.