Aroma Mission

Aroma Mission is an initiative to improve the yield in aromatic plant cultivation such as Aloe Vera, Mehndi, Menthol, Mint etc. through new technology developed by Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India. Total area covered under the cultivation of Aromatic Plants stands at 2.25 lakh hectare (AgCensus 2010-11).

Small and Marginal (< 2 hectares of land holdings)

Semi-medium (<5 hectares of land holdings)

Farmers are the dominant players in this sector. Together, they share about 71 percent of area under the cultivation of aromatic plants. The mission aims to increase their profitability through research and development.
Figure. Category wise distribution (%) of area under aromatic plant cultivation in India

Note: The visualisation is developed by using India Data Portal