Elderly (60+ Age) People in India

About 8.6 percent of total population in India are above the age of 60 (Census, 2011). According to World Health Organisation (WHO), older people are at highest risk from COVID 19 (WHO, April 2, 2020). In India, both the Union Government and State Governments are trying to fix the problem of spread of COVID 19 through various administrative measures and healthcare facilities in specific target zones. The target zones are identified through the relative concentration of virus infected people in a locality. As elderly people are more prone to this infection, the concentration of this population needs to be taken another indicator while specifying the target zones. In the states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh, above 10 percent of their population are of above 60. The governments in these states need to be more pro-active to contain the spread of COVID 19.

Figure 1. Share (%) of Elderly People (Above age of 60) in 6the total population of State/UT