Price Fluctuations in Onion in Maharashtra, India in 2019

In 2019, India saw a steep rise in the onion price, even though it is one of the leading countries for production of onion in the world.
Maharashtra, a leading producer of onion, also experienced an exorbitant rise in onion price.  Typically, four varieties of onion are sold in market in Maharashtra – Local, Hybrid, Others & Colored. Across all these varieties, the price for “other” variety rose the maximum – to Rs. 31,825 per quintal in Nashik, the largest onion producing district in the country, during the fourth quarter of the year.

Though all varieties of onion saw an increase in price, however, the “other” variety was hit the most where it reached to Rs.31,825/- per quintal by the end of the year from Rs.1,125/- per quintal in first quarter.