NGOs role in figuring Covid-19

The laborious effort of frontline workers-Doctors, Paramedical Staff, Public Administrators, Police Forces in battling the deadly virus 24X7 is worth applauding. This list is incomplete and rather delusionary if the role of NGO’s is undermined. The depiction attempts to highlight the contribution of NGO’s vis-a -vis state government in feeding people during lockdown. More so, in 13 states the NGO’s have outperformed the state Government. Not only food, but NGOs have also provided relief or shleter homes to the needy poople affected by Covid 19 lockdown (Mostly including stranded migrant labourers). Apprised of the laudale efforts of NGOs, the Centre has entitled them to receive grains from the district administration or Food Corporation of India at below market prices to feed the vulnerable sections. The need of the hour is to put similar collaborative efforts and work in synegy in dealing the crisis.

Source: Central Government Reply to Supreme Court on Response status in tackling Covid-19 (India Today, April 9, 2020)