A.K. Shiva Kumar

Economist and Professor, Harvard University

Avik Sarkar

Visiting Associate Professor and Senior Research Fellow

Ajay Shah

Professor at NIPFP in New Delhi

Anjal Prakash

Research Director and Adjunct Associate Professor

Aarushi Jain

Associate Director - Bharti Institute of Public Policy

Ashwini Chhatre

Executive Director - Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Associate Professor of Public Policy, Chair - Institutional Review Board


Ashima Sood

Fellow, Centre for Learning and Management Practice, Indian School of Business

Bhagwan Chowdhry

Area Leader and Professor, Finance

Executive Director - DIRI

Krishan Dhawan

CEO, Shakti Foundation

K.P Krishnan

Additional Secretary, Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India

Mihir Mankad

Professor of Practice in Leadership Communication, Deputy Director of the Edward R. Murrow Center

Narendra Jadhav

Member, Rajya Sabha

O P Agarwal

CEO, WRI India

Philip Zerrilo

Practice Professor of Marketing Strategy Deputy Dean - Corporate and International relations Deputy Dean - Mohali Campus

Rajeev Malhotra

Professor and Executive Director, Centre for Development and Finance; and Lead Author and Chief Editor, India Public Policy Report

Rajeev Gowda

Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha

Rajeshwar Upadhayaya

Visiting Professor, Indian School of Business

Saumya Sindhwani

Clinical Assistant Professor, Indian School of Business

Shyam Saran

Chairman, Research and Information System for Developing Countries and Former Foreign Secretary

Sukhpal Singh

Faculty, IIM Ahmedabad