Corporate Workshop 1: Value Creation through Innovative Thought and Action

Value Creation through Innovative thought and action is a programme which is designed to help the employees create value for their organization. It is designed to incorporate innovative mindset among the employees so that the innovation capacity of the organization will improve. The programme is a combination of hands on experiential learning activities, lecture sessions, case studies and practical execution modules.


  • To help employees create incremental/disruptive value
  • To increase innovation capacity of organization and nurture innovators
  • To educate the workforce on innovation processes through global best-case practices and tools

Target Audience & Duration

Middle and Senior level Managers with high control on the ground level activities are the perfect fit for this workshop.


This is a residential workshop and the duration will be 3 days (preferably on the weekends)

Indicative Session Plan



Expected Outcome

Delivery Mode


(Why and How Value Creation)

Introduction to Value Creation & Innovation through Best Case Practices and Processes

  • Understand why value creation is crucial for organizational success
  • Awareness on relevant value creation and innovation systems and processes
  • Lecture
  • Team Exercise

 Innovation Tools and Techniques

  • Ideate using Design Thinking framework and other design tools
  • Practical Experiential Workshop



Persuasion/Negotiation and Collaboration

  • Apply Negotiation tools to create win-win partnerships
  • Able to assess needed capacities and ideate complementary collaborations.
  • Lecture
  • Discussion Activity
  • Team Exercise

Lean Methodology and Experimentation

  • Break down idea into assumptions and devise experiments to validate key assumptions.
  • Practical Experiential Workshop
  • Field Exercise


(Planning and

Business Modeling

  • Develop whole Business plan for the idea using Business Modeling tools.
  • Theory
  • Practical Experiential Team Workshop


  • Pitching of Business Plans and initial feedback.
  • Group/Team Presentations

Future Roadmap

  • Further Action steps with timelines and responsibilities
  • Workshop Exercise

Workshop Benefits

  • Learn to create incremental/disruptive value to the organization and customers (ex: New Process/ Products) 
  • Develop Creative Problem-Solving skills and create Implementation plans and low-fidelity prototypes for validated innovative ideas. (Ex: Blueprints, Paper prototyping, Wireframing, etc.

Batch Size & Pricing

Minimum batch size: 30


Workshop fee: INR 1,00,000 plus GST per participant