Corporate Workshop 2: Corporate Intrapreneurship for Business Growth and Acceleration

Corporate Intrapreneurship for Business growth and acceleration is a corporate programme designed to systematically capitalize on innovative & entrepreneurial capacity of the workforce to enhance overall business growth. The programme focuses on identifying innovative ideas and intrapreneurs in the system and implement their ideas for the company’s growth.


  • To help organizations accelerate business growth by identifying and capitalizing intrapreneurs systematically
  • To introduce Intrapreneurship Global Best-Case Practices, Processes, Tools and Frameworks for effective business acceleration

Target Audience & Duration

Middle and Senior level corporate leaders across Product, Process and Functional domains are the perfect fit for this workshop.


This is a residential workshop and the duration will be 3 days (preferably on the weekends)

Indicative Session Plan



Expected Outcomes

Delivery Mode


(Why and How)

Introduction to Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Understand Intrapreneurship nuances, myths, facts, challenges
  • Develop proactive, solution-oriented, experimentative and entrepreneurial attitude
  • Lecture 
  • Workshop

Intrapreneurship and Innovation Strategies

  • Learn and Devise suitable Intrapreneurship Launch plan
  • Understand Product, Process and Business Model Innovations
  • Lecture
  • Team Exercise
  • Experiential Learning Workshop



Change Leadership and Resource Management

  • Forecast challenges in change process and prepare potential plans for effective management
  • Devising effective plans for funds, manpower and technology allocations to maximize ROI.
  • Lecture
  • Practical Application Exercise

Design Innovation

  • Ideate using Design Thinking framework and other design tools and Elevator Pitching
  • Experiential Learning Workshop

Lean Methodology

  • Devise experiments to validate key assumptions incorporating Innovation Accounting Principles
  • Experiential Learning Workshop
  • Field Exercise


(Planning and Implementation)


  • Develop suitable marketing action plan for Intrapreneurship using case studies
  • Practical Team Exercise

Decision Making 

  • Application of Decision-making tools
  • Lecture Experiential
  • Team Exercise

Business Modeling

  • Develop detailed Business Plan
  • Experiential Learning Workshop
  • Team Presentation

Workshop Benefits

  • Learn to create incremental/disruptive value to the organization and customers (ex: New Process/ Products) 
  • Develop Creative Problem-Solving skills and create Implementation plans and low-fidelity prototypes for validated innovative ideas. (Ex: Blueprints, Paper prototyping, Wireframing, etc.

Batch Size & Pricing

Minimum batch size: 30


Workshop fee: INR 1,00,000 plus GST per participant