Programme Overview: CM ST Entrepreneurship & Innovation Scheme

CM ST Entrepreneurship & Innovation Scheme was launched by the Tribal Welfare Department in 2018 vide G.O.Ms.No.51, TW (LTR) Dept., dt:01.09.2017 with (100) Tribal youth, in partnership with the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad for knowledge linkages at the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE).

  • Innovative scheme custom-designed for educated Tribal youth who require support to become Entrepreneurs
  • 3-month Incubation Course at Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE), ISB which includes a 15 day in-house academic residency and 45 days off-campus module for market surveys & field visits for DPR preparation
  • ISB introducers ST youth to market-based business opportunities, financial institutions, resource management, sound business practices and Detailed Project Report (DPR) preparation
  • Joint field inspections are conducted by Banks and Tribal Welfare Department Officers, in the presence of Tribal Entrepreneurs, for assessment and evaluation of the project


  • Candidate shall have minimum educational qualification as graduate
  • Candidate having 2 years of working experience as an Entrepreneur shall be given preference
  • Qualified technocrats shall be given preference
  • New start-up entrepreneurs will be encouraged
  • Preference shall be given to PvTGs, wherever eligible

Salient Features

  • Risk of Entrepreneurship is reduced by Government subsidy
  • Tribal Entrepreneurs now accessing collateral free Bank loan
  • Knowledge - linkages, Marketing - linkages and introduction to financial institutions through Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE), (ISB)
  • Risk management & mentorship support for 1 year through CII, DICCI, ALEAP, NSIC & NiMSME
  • Average cost per unit is Rs.1.00 Crore

Funding Pattern

Bank Loan 55%
Subsidy 35%
Beneficiary Contribution 10%


  • Bank loan to be repaid with 84 installments in 7 years period
  • Interest rate 11.05% fixed under “Stand Up India” scheme
  • The average Break-Even Point (BEP) after one year from the date of sanction of project

Sanction Process

  • Market - Survey, DPR preparation and Proper supporting documentation
  • State Level High Powered Committee sanctions eligible DPRs
  • Handholding support from TRICOR/TWD for financial linkages, field inspections and documentation
  • Meetings/Joint review meeting with Banks, beneficiaries and ISB for revising DPR, identifying field level issues from Bank, evaluating financial projections and gaps in viability report from Bank field units