ISB HealthScape 2020 themed 'Healthcare Innovations in the new Normal'  will discuss Disruption and Opportunities in various facets of Healthcare. The disruption caused by pandemic has required business model innovation by existing healthcare businesses to cope with and sustain themselves. In addition, it has provided the impetus for innovation in digital health. As we begin the countdown to 2021 with hope and positivism, the conference is designed for us to take a pause and reimagine healthcare in the new normal. It is also critical to discuss ways of sustaining the innovation and look to strengthen the health system.  

The conference is organised by two of ISB’s academic programmes - the Advanced Management Programme for Healthcare (AMPH) and the Post Graduate Programme (PGP) and will be held virtually on December 10, 2020 from 4:30-9 pm.

The conference will include three panel discussions:

Panel 1: Learning from disruption for health system strengthening 

The pandemic has brought to the fore the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the Indian health system. Various health departments and state administration have improvised, innovated to respond to the demands of the pandemic. This discussion will have public health and state administrators illustrate successful responses from their experience and propose recommendations to move towards planned crisis management through health system strengthening. In conclusion, they will also discuss possible areas where innovation and startup ecosystem can contribute meaningfully. 

Panel 2: Healthcare business model innovation for the new normal

The pandemic has impacted healthcare business models in an unprecedented way. At the service delivery end, physician-patient interaction has been redefined and remote health has become the norm. Revenues have been slow to bounce back with a focus on cost and margins. Business models are having to innovate and maintain the utmost financial discipline to tide over this time. In the second leg of discussions, the focus will be on how healthcare business models have innovated to adapt to the changes, what are the changes that will endure post lockdown, and how are they imagining the new normal.

Panel 3: The future of healthcare

Priorities have drastically changed - there is a definite move from disease management to health management, the transition from consolidated service delivery like in a hospital to disaggregated service delivery like remote health and on-demand service. The concluding panel will discuss the emerging trends and opportunities in healthcare and how upcoming healthcare entrepreneurs and healthtech companies can contribute to the reimagined health ecosystem, both in the private as well as the public sector.       


Plenary Session

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Keynote Address

Suchitra M Ella, Cofounder & Joint MD, Bharat Biotech International

Sarang Deo, Executive Director, MIHM & Professor, Operations Management, ISB

Panel Discussion 1

5:00 pm - 6:15 pm

Learnings from the pandemic for health systems strengthening

Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Principal Secretary, Industries, Government of Telangana

Bhaskar Katamneni, IAS, Commissioner, Health and Family Welfare & Mission Director, National Health Mission, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Darez Ahamed, IAS, ED - Guidance
Tamil Nadu, Government of Tamil Nadu

Girish Dayalan, IAS, Deputy Commissioner
– SAS Nagar, Government of Punjab

Moderated by Vijaya Sunder M, Clinical Assistant Professor, Operations Management, ISB

Panel Discussion 2

6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

Healthcare business model innovation for the new normal 

Dr. Avinash Nanivadekar, Head
Radiologist & Chief Digital Officer, Ruby
Hall Clinic

Santosh Marathe, COO & Unit Head,
Apollo Hospitals

Sandeep Makkar, Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson Medical India

Nita Sachan, VP - Investments, Endiya Partners 

Moderated by Darshan Mehta, Founder, 
Lab Medica Healthcare and Dr. Rashi Bajpai, Researcher & Assistant Scientist, IMS

Panel Discussion 3

7:30 pm - 8:45 pm

The future of healthcare

Vaibhav Tewari, Co-founder and COO, Portea Medical

Sandeep Lakshmipathy, Director
Software (Edison AI Platform), GE Healthcare

  • Rahul Chatterjee, Chief Growth Officer, iKure TechSoft

John Axerio-Cilies, CEO & Cofounder, Arterys

Arpan Malhotra, India Business Head - Diagnostics, Siemens Healthcare 

  • Moderated by Dr. Venkat Ramana 
    Sudigali, Director & CEO, Excell Hospital and Nikhil Inamdar, President, Healthcare Club, ISB

Valedictory Session

8:45 pm - 9:00 pm

Concluding remarks

Ramabhadran Thirumalai, Associate Professor (Practice), Finance & Senior Associate Dean - PGP & YLP, ISB


Suchitra M Ella
Cofounder & Joint MD
Bharat Biotech

Sarang Deo
Executive Director, MIHM & Professor, Operations Management, ISB

Jayesh Ranjan, IAS
Principal Secretary, Industries
Government of Telangana

Santosh Marathe
COO & Unit Head
Apollo Hospitals

John Axerio-Cilies
CEO & Cofounder

Sandeep Makkar
MD, Johnson & Johnson Medical India

Sandeep Lakshmipathy
Director, Software (Edison AI Platform), GE Healthcare

Dr. Avinash Nanivadekar
Head Radiologist & Chief Digital Officer, Ruby Hall Clinic

Bhaskar Katamneni, IAS
Commissioner, Health and Family Welfare & Mission Director, National Health Mission, Government of Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Darez Ahamed, IAS
ED, Guidance Tamil Nadu
Government of Tamil Nadu

Girish Daylan, IAS
Deputy Commissioner - SAS Nagar
Government of Punjab

Ramabhadran Thirumalai
Associate Professor (Practice), Finance & Senior Associate Dean - PGP & YLP, ISB

Vijaya Sunder M
Clinical Assistant Professor, Operations Management, ISB

Vaibhav Tewari
Founder & COO
Portea Medical

Rahul Chatterjee
Chief Growth Officer
iKure TechSoft

Nita Sachan
VP, Investments
Endiya Partners 

Arpan Malhotra
India Business Head - Diagnostics, Siemens Healthcare 



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