Mr. Gautam Raj Anand

Founder, Hubhopper

I'm the founder of Hubhopper, India’s largest podcast hosting, creation and distribution platform. Being a Forbes 30U30, a Tech30 company and having topped the Google Play Store and Apple app store nationally, the Hubhopper apps and platform bring together more than 10m+ hours of content in 15+ languages and 12 demand and supply-side products. 

Following an asset-light platform-agnostic approach of consumption, Hubhopper is integrated across Handsets, Smart speakers, Telecom operators, Headphones, Earphones, AI assistants, Smart Tv's, IoT devices, Applications, Cars and essentially most other possible avenues across an individual's ecosystem/universe of audio consumption. 

Along this journey, we have raised multiple rounds of investment and built some really cool stuff but more importantly, we have addressed some incredibly important localized problems/opportunities in India, for example:  

1. Hubhopper today works along with organizations like the government in the dissemination of free curriculum-based education in various languages across our entire distribution network and on seeing the consumption uptake among students, we are also now working on similar language and literacy agnostic information dissemination in the primary industry to farmers through audio. 

2. Hubhopper Studio is building (brick by brick) tools and platforms to democratize the creation of publisher generated audio content across vernaculars and demography. Offering creators today free online hosting, recording, free online editing, free distribution (across Hubhopper's distribution network and beyond), free analytics and a whole host of other tools (free websites, skills, online community etc)  

Much to our joy we are seeing creators across India find their voice and representation through Hubhopper Studio and its tools. 
During this journey on an individual capacity, I have been very fortunate to be: 

·        A part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia for 2018 

·        Entrepreneur of the Year for 2018 by Entrepreneur Magazine. 

·        Tech30 for 2019 by YourStory  

·        Problem Solver of the Year for 2017 by TheTechy 

·        Young Founder for 2018 

·        100 Emerging voices of 2019 (YourStory)  

·        Being featured as part of ET’s leaders of Tomorrow 

You can read more about me here and more about hubhopper's coverage here

Finally, In the endeavour of fostering entrepreneurship in India (in the little way I can) I've spoken across institutions and platforms like IIM Indore, IIM Bangalore, IIT,  The Global Forbes under 30 Summit in Berlin, IIT, ISB Hyderabad & Mohali), Tedx, Josh Talks, Music Inc2.0 among others.