Himanshu Jain

Md & President, Diversey 

Himanshu Jain is President of, the Indian Sub-continent, Diversey. He is a member of the Executive Committee for Diversey Inc. and leads the Indian Subcontinent Leadership Team. He has been with Diversey since 2003 with 27 years of experience working as a business professional.

Himanshu started with Diversey as leader of the Indian Food & Beverage Hygiene business and took it to new heights before taking over the responsibility of turning around the Philippines Operation in 2007. After leading the Philippines operations to be among the most successful across the globe in Diversey, he moved to lead the INSEA (Indian subcontinent and South East Asia) for Diversey in 2011.


Through Diversey’s solutions for the hygiene and maintenance industry, he has been actively campaigning for water-saving programs like Smart Cleaning and Flush-Me-Not that aim at helping India, which is a water-stressed nation. He also introduced state-of-the-art dosing technology like SmartDose to the Indian market.

He is passionate about bringing dignity to the role of a ‘Cleaner’ and is personally leading the same through “Garima,” a ‘Shared Value initiative’ in India.

Before joining Diversey, Himanshu worked with ExxonMobil and Unilever India.

Himanshu is a member of the Economic Times – India Leadership Council & on the Advisory Board, of CII Logistics Institute. He was awarded the coveted awards of “The Economic Times' Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia 2019” and “Global Indian for the year 2020”, by AsiaOne, Singapore. He was recently identified as an “Inspiring CEO” by ET Edge in June 2022. Himanshu holds a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from HBTI, Kanpur, and a Master’s in Process design from IIT Delhi, India.