Harshil Karia

Founder, Schbang and Co-Founder, Level

Harshil Karia is an Entrepreneur and Musician. He is the Founder of Schbang and Co Founder at Level with a team of 800+ of some of India's smartest young talent working across both these companies.  
Schbang is a creative & technology transformation company that has been featured in LinkedIn's Top Startups India for 2021.  Schbang has delivered a growth of 450%  over the last 3 years, putting the company on Financial Times ‘High Growth Companies Asia Pacific 2020’ list. With the aim of going from India to the World, Schbang is spread across three major cities with over 700 people in just 6 years.  
Along with Schbang, Harshil spends his time and energies on building Level. Level, a real life ethical game where he is building a technology that evolves the way phones are looked at from addiction to driving personal growth. Bringing together principles of neuroscience, ancient wisdom from spiritual texts and psychology packaged with the energy of Gen Z this 'Game of Growth' is launching in early 2022.  
He is an an aspiring musician as well with a singles, namely  'Udd Jaa Bandeya' and 'Uthh Jaa Rey' that he has launched drawing inspiration from his entrepreneurial journey.  As an artist, Harshil seeks to inspire listeners to raise their level of consciousness and inspiration and awareness is a big theme with his music. It is what drives him to create. 
On most weekends you'll find Harshil in remote parts of Maharashtra working with villagers and farmers to help them problem solve for some of their commercial challenges while simultaneously understanding agricultural and educational infrastructure limitations while brainstorming potential solutions. He does deep work with 6 villages in Wada, Maharashtra and is using the lessons there to scale a program which is built around upliftment through better skilled employment and better financial returns. 
A Schbang outpost in atleast 2000 villages and a Level app that works across multiple languages and helps every Indian unlock their maximum potential is a goal he's working towards.