Shilpa Reddy

Managing Director, Saptagir Camphor

Shilpa Reddy is the Managing Director of Saptagir Camphor Pvt Limited and Saptagir Laboratories Pvt Limited. Saptagir Camphor is India’s largest manufacturer of Synthetic Camphor and aromatic Terpene chemicals. The diverse customer base includes major healthcare and wellness brands, as well as global fragrance and flavor companies with exports to over 50 countries.

As part of the group's initiative to accelerate growth, she led the diversification into the pharmaceutical space with two acquisitions in the last two years.

Prior to joining Saptagir, Ms. Shilpa Reddy has extensive experience in Corporate Finance positions in Fortune 500 companies in the US, including Intel Corporation. She has been responsible for driving efficiency and optimization initiatives in these roles.

She is a panelist with the Confederation of Indian Industry and various other industry organizations.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and is an avid mountaineer. She has trekked extensively all over the world including remote regions in Nepal, Africa, and North and South Americas.

She has received an MBA from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, USA.