AMPBA Alumni Mentorship Programme (AAMP)

AMPBA-Alumni Mentorship Programme (AAMP) aims to create a platform for students to interact with ISB alumni who are leaders and domain experts in the field of AI and Data Science. Mentors will guide students to recognize market trends, learn about innovations in AI and data science, understand the realities of working, recruiting and market themselves effectively. Mentors will guide groups of 5 mentees regularly every month.


Students will have access to a robust network of alumni invested in sharing their knowledge and experience. The alumni mentorship program will also allow the student to form lasting bonds with the alumni and develop a strong business network.

1140 +

World wide AMPBA alumni network

How AAMP works

Step 1: Student registration

Step 2: Alumni mentor alignment

Step 3: Sessions with Alumni mentor

Student-Alumni Engagement


Contact Us

Giri Dommalapati

Manager - Alumni Support, 

Advanced Management Programme in Business Analytics

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