Key Note Session:  9.30 a.m- 10.30 am.

Session 1  - Energy policy: The twin challenges of development and sustainability 
10.45 a.m.-12.30 p.m.

Given the scarcity of energy, there is a growing need to explore various alternatives that can meet the demands of the Indian economy while simultaneously promoting sustainable development. This is the focus of the first panel of this conference. Some of the questions that the panel will try to address are: How can the twin goals of development and sustainability co-exist in the context of energy? Have federal/state policies been effective? Have they deployed renewable energy in an efficient manner?

Session 2  - Financing of Renewable Energy projects
13.45 a.m.-15.15 p.m.

The second panel discussion will explore issues involved with the deployment of cost-effective renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions. What are the barriers faced by power generation companies in implementing such projects? The discussion will also focus on the issue of financing relevant technologies, such as wind and solar (which are often more than 30% more than conventional power projects).

Session 3  - Market based policies 
15.45 p.m.-17.15 p.m

In the past few years, Indian policy makers have introduced two market based mechanisms - the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) for trading of renewable attributes between generators and distribution companies and Performance Achieve and Trade (PAT) for the trading of energy efficiency certificates between participating industries to promote the adoption of renewable energy. However the REC markets have failed to pick up. The third panel of the conference will focus on the design of these markets in the context of economic theory and attempt to understand how markets similar to these have been implemented elsewhere in the world.


Vote of thanks: 17:15 p.m to 17.30 p.m.