• Alumni interaction session
    For Team Energy the term started with an interactive session with Mr. Satyaki Dey, ISB Class of 15 and a member of PGP Advisory Council. He is presently working with Sun Renewables in their Corporate Finance and M&A team. He spoke about various career options in the Energy industry post PGP and how to pursue them.
  • Coffee chat with previous energy club president:
    Later towards the end of the term, we had a coffee time conversation with Mr. Shashank Kumar, Energy Club - HYD President, ISB Class of 19 on Industry / Functional transitions and how to equip ourselves for the same. Focus of the conversation was on identifying existing key transferrable skills from the domain and how to apply that to the new domain/ function."
  • Start-up evaluations:
    Energy Club also embarked on a new partnership with DLabs in their WWF Climate Solver - Startup accelerator project, wherein energy club carried out due diligence in slection of start-ups.