Team Hyderabad
Rahul Sethi
Always an innovator from the markstrat world, when comes to new gadgets, in common parlance, a geek! Want a billion $ valuation before I hit 40.
Ankush Bagwale
Vice President
I volunteer to set up crowd funding campaigns for the disadvantaged. 
Reeju Bhattacharyya
L&D Coordinator
Anushriya Pal
CAC Coordinator
Team Mohali
Ajay Ratan Agarwal
Ajay is an ex Army officer, founder of a tech start up, and a social volunteer. A recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University, USA with a masters degree in Environmental Engineering, Ajay’s current interests include investigating the scope of energy commerce in India given the changing dynamics of strategic relationships within India’s regulated energy space and the proliferation of new age energy tech innovations including battery storage and EVs. As a proud club president, he hopes to help his fellow energy club members make informed career decisions. In his free time Ajay spends time cooking, improving his golf swing and playing soccer with his son.

Rishi Garg
Vice President
Rishi has about 7 years of experience at Reliance Industries Limited where he worked across different functions ranging from Strategy, Operations, Planning to project Management. He has strong interest in conventional forms of energy and its strategic impact on geopolitical scenario. Rishi is an engineer by background and at ISB he wants to help increase awareness about the opportunities & development into energy sector.

Cheeroth Sunish Sidharth
L&D, Social Media and Marketing Coordinator
Sidharth has been a part of the Power Sector for three and half years and has extensively worked on Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage Systems. He wishes to leverage his knowledge and spread it across the cohort to showcase the myriad of options and opportunities being created in the power sector.  Sidharth is a passionate Chelsea supporter,  a foodie and ready for discussions about anything under the sun.