ISB Impact Investing Conference

March 27, 2012 | Tuesday
For ISB Community

Coupled with India’s economic progress is the challenge of fostering inclusiveness such that the benefits of growth reach the underserved masses. Market-based solutions and public-private partnerships (PPP’s) have demonstrated their efficacy in tackling socio-economic development issues, supplementing the efforts of the government and non-profits. CEMS believes that growing SMEs (Small- and-Medium-Sized Enterprises) focused on high growth areas crucial for socio-economic development is critical for reaching disenfranchised markets. India, like other emerging markets, has unique problems that cannot be solved by mere replication of current developed economy business models without significant local innovation. Opportunities exist to improve the quality of life of the masses by providing affordable products or services, enabling sustainable development, and providing employment to significant number of people and in that process help to build scalable and sustainable businesses. Our three conference panels were made up of professional venture capital investors, entrepreneurs from SONG’s portfolio companies, commercially focused impact investors, and industry executives.

  • The Future of Impact Investing
  • Bridging the Early Stage Finance Gap
  • Scaling Impact Models