NAR India

July 23-24, 2011 | Saturday
hyderabad, Hyderabad
Open to Public
Post Event Summary

Real estate in India – a sector that has contributed much to the country’s economic and industrial development – is in urgent need of reform. This was the realization that launched NAR-INDIA, the credible voice of realtors in India. Realtors are no longer confined to the sidelines of the real estate sector. They are the real protagonists who advise, inform, connect, negotiate and keep the market going. NAR-INDIA aims to enlighten Indian realtors and train them to imbibe and adhere to international best practices, thus inspiring investor confidence. NAR-INDIA is founded on the principles of ethics, transparency, accountability, good governance and rule of law.


What started as a concerted effort by a small group of dedicated professionals with the support of NAR USA has evolved into a national level umbrella organization representing the interests of thousands of Indian realtors from over 20 cities. NAR-INDIA embodies the amalgamation of traditional Indian values of intimacy and warmth in the client-realtor relationship and modern-day professionalism. The organization has been striving relentlessly to empower its members through information, education and training. It has also initiated efforts to generate and disseminate authentic information on the real estate market and increase transparency in the sector. NAR-INDIA believes that education and technology will be the factors that distinguish a great realtor from the rest in the future.


A strong believer in partnerships, NAR-INDIA has entered bilateral agreements with NAR-USA and associations from 43 other countries. This gives its members access to mandates from the countries of origin of international clients, thus neutralizing the advantage of MNC agents. NAR-INDIA's strategic alliances with prominent Indian institutions such as the National Housing Bank (NHB) and the Indian School of Business impart tremendous learning value to its members.


The NAR convention 2012 is a forum to celebrate and promote the empowerment of India’s realtors. Together, let us herald the emergence of the Great Indian Broker!

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