Research Seminars

Researchers from around the world present their cutting-edge work at the ISB as often as once a week. Members of the ISB community from different disciplines attend these presentations, which makes for some lively discussion. Anyone interested in attending is welcome but is requested to contact the organiser first.

Format: 16-10-2018
Format: 16-10-2018
Economics and Public PolicyFinancing Micro and Small firms during the Great RecessionNovember 17, 2017 | Fri | 15:00By InvitationThis seminar talks about Financing Micro and Small firms during the Great Recession. READ MORE
FinanceReputations and credit ratings—evidence from commercial mortgage-backed securitiesSeptember 29, 2017 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicThe talk examines a quasi-experimental setting where a rating agency (S&P) was completely shut out. READ MORE
Information SystemsDrawing a Line in the Sand: Commitment Problem in Ending Software SupportAugust 31, 2017 | Thu | 15:00Open to PublicThe talk examines the commitment problem in ending software support. READ MORE
Economics and Public PolicyAadhaar-Based Biometric Authentication in the PDSJuly 21, 2017 | Fri | 15:00Open to PublicThe talk will gauge the achievements and failings of Aadhaar Based Biometric Authentication (ABBA) in a handful of states. READ MORE
FinanceIlliquidity and Asset SalesJune 27, 2017 | Tue | 15:00For ISB CommunityThis seminar examines the impact of bank balance sheet liquidity on the liquidation value of troubled real estate assets. READ MORE
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Format: 16-10-2018
Format: 16-10-2018